Vertellis Relationship Edition
For all couples

Sincere attention and understanding of one another – that's what this question card game is all about.

With the Vertellis Relationship-edition you’ll get to talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come true...all in a playful, loving way.

Put down your phones and spend valuable time (offline!) together. Experience what giving genuine attention to one another can do for your relationship.  

  • The #1 question card game for couples
  • For ALL types of romantic relationships
  • Developed with psychologists and relationship therapists
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          jeanne Brown hopkins (Carmel Valley, US)
          great inspiration

          I find myself using the myself mostly..revealing my self and discovering mySElf more than I have gotten my partner to "play" with me. I do feel using the cards would be helpful in this relationship. I am going to share the deck with my "Couples Circle" next week. Distancing, but together. We are a journey group and very open with each other. Thank you for your respectful insights.

          Sheilah (Overland Park, US)
          I look forward to this

          I have not yet opened the package. I am saving it as an anniversary gift for my husband and me. On May 11, on our one year anniversary (after living together for 13 years before that), we’ll open it together!

          Cynthia O'Brien (Greensboro, US)
          Just tried it once or twice...

          My husband and I are asking each other one of the questions a night right before going to sleep. After just three nights, we have already learned each other’s thoughts on some subjects that we hadn’t discussed before. I now have another reason to look forward to bedtime. Thanks!

          J Taylor (St. Albert, CA)
          Fantastic tool!

          We are so pleased with this purchase - a way to enter into deep conversation about many important aspects of our relationship without one person "taking the reins" and controlling the conversation. We chose to go on a "retreat" for five days and spread the entire box of cards out over that time. We're looking forward to pulling it out in a year and going through it again!

          Rometta Ison (Leesburg, US)
          A Valuable Gift or Any occasion!

          Thank You Vertellis Team for combining thoughtful and important concepts into one pack ( relationships) that make a difference in this ho-hum world we find ourselves in!
          And ... could customer service be any better than what you offer up? I would say, you have that nailed down too!

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