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Relationship Edition

The # 1 love game: the Vertellis Relationship edition

The game that helps you and your partner create beautiful memories, dream about the future and make plans to make these dreams come true, together. All this in a fun and meaningful way.

Time offline and attention for one another.

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What is the Relationship Edition

The Game

The game consists of three rounds with ten open questions in each round, three points questions where you can earn points when you guess your partner’s answer, and two assignments (no crazy or difficult things, but just fun).

The rounds with questions are divided into the three categories:

  • Together & alone
  • Dreams & action
  • Characteristics, Habits & Achievements

Here are two ways to play


You play the whole game and at the end you decide the winner. Create time for each other, pour a nice drink, just sit and relax, and work on yourself and your relationship.


At a random moment when you (finally) have time for each other you loosely draw a number of cards, just until you feel like it. Another time you can continue or start over.

‘Oh, Tell me more!?’

All questions are formulated positively and broad enough to be answered by everyone, and you're encouraged to create more depth by saying "Tell me more!?”


What do others say about Vertellis?

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The story behind the Vertellis Relationship Edition

Communication has been identified as the number 1 most important aspect of a strong relationship.

It may sound simple – a good conversation – but in today’s hustle-and-bustle world, with technological distractions in our front pocket, having quality conversations is proving to be more difficult than we think.

Vertellis believes that’s a shame, and want to give Cupid a helping hand!

With our newest addition, we want to stimulate your communication with the one you are most intimate with. 
In a playful way, you will discuss fun and challenging subjects, such as dreams and finances, which are an essential part of a relationship and life itself!

We believe that great conversations all start with a good question …

P.s.- Vertellis is best suited with a bite, drink & candlelight or during a long walk on the beach.

A personal note

Bart and Liz, two of the Vertellis founders, have been in a relationship for a good 10 years – starting at the young age of 15! They had to overcome a lot of challenges in those years, which included an illness, a burn-out, and loss of a job. They are now preparing for their latest challenge – their first child!

Then there’s Willem and Roxy, who have been together for 8 wonderful years. Throughout the years their main challenge was a forced long-distance relationship of 18 months! Now they have an amazing little baby boy of 17-months, and couldn’t be happier.

Having overcome their own challenges, both couples now have strong relationships and are more in love, while living the life of their dreams. Their secret? Communication! Vertellis is excited to now bring a staple of their lives to yours!

Tell me more about this game!

A couple questions from the Relationship Edition are “When were you, as a couple, at your best and when do you think you could’ve been better?” and “What recent achievement of your partner makes you proud of them?”.

All important aspects of your lives together are touched upon. This will result in more understanding, appreciation, and a stronger connection overall.

This game is for all types of romantic relationships. The goal is to have fun with your partner, reflect on your past and make plans for the future, together. We think that doing this regularly is the secret to a loving relationship.

Playing this game does not mean that your relationship is not good. The intention is to work on making a good relationship even better!

Order Vertellis and assure yourself of a loving year!

The Vertellis Relation Edition is designed so that you can play it several times a year. So it is not a one-night stand!