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Vertellis Chapters

Vertellis Chapters is the #1 best-selling self-reflection journal in the Netherlands and is now available in the USA! It’s your personal coach in the form of a book.
It contains a mix of mindfulness & stoicism practices in a non-wishy-washy way and helps you live life more consciously and become more positive in your day-to-day activities. 
This journal, diary, and inspirational book will give you that much-needed excuse to sit down, write and reflect on YOUR life! 

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About the creation of ‘Chapters’

A demanding job, family, social media, friends… all are important but they can consume all available time – including the time you should be taking for yourself. Days, weeks, and months simply slip away...

Taking time for yourself is important, but unfortunately, something that is often neglected in our busy and stressful lives.

We rarely stand still and truly consider how we feel, what we’ve learned, or what we’ve experienced.

So, the Dutch team behind the popular products of Vertellis put their heads together to create a tool that helps people stop living life merely on autopilot: Vertellis Chapters!

What is Vertellis Chapters?

What makes Chapters unique?

  • Self-reflection is front and center! You can expect questions such as: What went well today and what could go better? & What motivates you?
    Each of the questions will help you reflect and get more out of your days and weeks!
  • You'll also practice ‘gratefulness’ each and every day by answering the question What are you grateful for? Showing gratitude has been proven time and time again to increase happiness.
  • Chapters also includes assignments, quotes, and stories to help you think about your own life and situation, and improve your outlook and mindset.

This book is motivational. It decreases anxiety, is easy to travel with and provides insights into your own biases & thinking. Chapters gives your personal development a powerful boost!


  • Black and white design with leatherette cover
  • 5.1” x 8.6” (about A5 paper size)
  • 192 pages of inspiration
  • 13 chapters each with divided into 7 days*
    (3 months with daily usage)
  • Gold Ribbon bookmark
  • EXTRA: two designed postcards in a secret pocket

The pages do not have dates or numbers, and you can use it as and when you please. It’s YOUR story!

13 Chapters; 13 Themes

Many users describe Chapters as a course. A course that takes you on a 13-week step-by-step journey through life.

Each Chapter has its own theme with customized questions and assignments. Examples of these themes are Learning & Inspiring; Comfort zone; Influencing your luck.

The goal? Becoming more confident and positive in life by consistently working towards improving your life and introducing life-enhancing habits!