The Ultimate Family Bundle

With this ultimate family bundle you'll get to experience both undisturbed valuable me-time plus quality time with your family. Our philosophy? Happy parents raise happy kids.

Vertellis' #1 parenting hack!
👉10 minutes of undisturbed me-time. Every. Day.
👉Practice important life skills with your kids, such as gratitude and self-reflection. 
👉Fun and meaningful conversations to strengthen the parent-child bond

Experience real connection and reflect with one another and engage in open-hearted, meaningful conversations in a loving and fun way. What you’ll get:

  • Vertellis Chapters - our #1 guided journal for adults.
  • Vertellis KIDS - our unique mindfulness diary for children.
  • Vertellis Family Edition - our question card game for an even stronger family bond.
      Price: 39.00 79.00
      39.00 79.00

      Customer Reviews

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      Highly Recommended by the Whole Family

      Being asked to consider someone else's point of view was so refreshingly novel. The experience gave us the opportunity to express pride in family members, and to pull out and affirm their best qualities. Every family would benefit from this experience.

      Yes Tara! Thank you for this wonderfully articulated account of your Vertellis Experience. This is exactly what we strive for! I hope you and your family continue to enjoy sharing these moments together. Here's to more and more meaningful connections and expressing pride in each other!

      Robyn S.
      Family Edition Vertellis

      Our family dinners have been enlivened when we include Vertellis as a way to engage each other in conversation. The learning about one another has been a wonderful way to strengthen our bond. Thank you, Vertellis Team?

      This is wonderful to hear Robyn! Playing Vertellis around the dinner table is a great way to connect and share a moment together. It's our absolute pleasure! Thank you for your great feedback!

      Denise Hewitt, RDH
      Family Bundle

      I bought this journal specifically for my great niece since I love mine. But I decided to get the bundle so the whole family can benefit!

      Thanks for you lovely feedback Denise! Buying the Family bundle is a great way to share Vertellis with your loved ones!

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