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Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Shirley P. (Kansas City, MO)
Good Conversation

I made my first purchase a few years ago. Our family all sat around a table, and used the cards. Geat conversation, lots of laughs, and some tears as we shared our hearts, thoughts, dreams and regrets. I feel like it brought us closer together. We will be using the cards again this Thanksgiving weekend when we're altogether.

Thanks for this wonderful review Shirley, and for sharing your experience of Vertellis exactly as it was intended! :)

Family Edition - Parents & Kids
Michael M. (Covina, CA)

Haven’t open the items yet... thank you

Thanks for the review Michael! Do let us know what you think when you do :)

KIDS - Mindfulness journal for kids
Tina S. (Fishers Island, NY)
heavenly talks with grandchildren

I do Aging Tips on instagram and I gave that book as my tip for the day and many people were excited about it. It is just fabulous to get your grandchildren to really talk to you. Even age 4 as well as 8 Tina Sloan

That's really wonderful to hear Tina! Thanks so much for this wonderful review and for sharing Vertellis with others :)

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Elvira M.C. (Barcelona, CT)

I have t received my purchase . Looking forward to knowing about it

Holiday Edition
JENNIFER B. (Medford, OR)
End of Life Doula

I purchased this for my growing business. It has a good many questions that will lead to fruitful discussions with my clients.

Thanks for this wonderful feedback Jennifer! All the best with your growing business. It sounds like a very meaningful one.

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Cynthia R. (Minneapolis, MN)

The Trilogy Bundle - all 3 Vertellis games

Thanks for the 5 stars Cynthia! We are so pleased that you are enjoying your Journal and Games! :)

Relationship Edition - For all couples
Michelle M. (Hayesville, NC)
Excellent Customer Service

There was an odd mix up with the delivery of our game. Liz with Vertellis assisted me and without question resent the game as a replacement. We really appreciated this service and will be ordering again!

Thanks for the great review Michelle! We are really happy that you had a positive experience with Vertellis and we look forward to hearing from you again! :)

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
David H. (Berlin, BE)

The Trilogy Bundle - all 3 Vertellis games

Thanks for the 5stars David! We are so glad you are enjoying Vertellis!

Chapters - Gratitude Journal
Deborah B. (Macon, GA)

Vertellis Chapters - Gratitude Journal

Thanks so much for the 5stars Deborah! We are so glad you are enjoying your copy of Chapters :)

Chapters - Gratitude Journal
Paul K. (Cologne, NW)

I have the journal on my desk in Toronto however I decided to start it after my trip to Europe visiting friends and family not seen since Covid. After five days in Amsterdam tested positive in Germany now in isolation awaiting ability to return home . Every day I do a mental journal of gratitude as seen in my Vertellis journal, intent travels well XOPaul

Thanks for sharing this with us Paul! It's wonderful to hear that your Gratitude Exercises can be done remotely! :) :) I hope very much that you are well rested and that you are fully recovered from Covid and reunited with your Journal! :)

Chapters - Gratitude Journal

I bought two copies of the journal, one for my wife and one for myself. We are off to a good start using the journal and we both think it is fantastic. What I appreciate so much is the guidance, structure, and the positive input that Vertellis has provided for us. It is so much more than just journaling. It really is relationship building. Thank you for your good work.

Thanks for this wonderful review Jeffrey! We are so glad that you and your wife are having such a positive experience with Chapters!

Holiday Edition
Dana C. (Scottsdale, AZ)
Is the Holiday edition the same as I bought several years ago. It looks the same!

Same as above.

Thanks for the 5 stars Dana! We are so glad you love the game! Yes, the content of the Holiday Edition hasn't changed but we have made improvements to the translation, (the original game is in Dutch) and the packaging over the years.

Chapters - Gratitude Journal
Melody S. (Santa Rosa, CA)

Well I have journals for many years I decided to buy your journal because I so respect and support your work. I'm finding that the way it's organized is bringing a new freshness to my practice. The individual sections encourage noticing how I'm progressing. The new questions and suggestions spark a fresh approach and stretch me. All in all I'm finding your journal stimulating and friendly. Thank you for your continuing vision on authentic connection both with others and to myself. With appreciation and gratitude,Melody

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback on the Chapters Journal Melody! We couldn't have said it better ourselves! :)

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Christine K. (Abingdon, VA)
So many uses, so much to share

These questions are perfect for so many occasions. Organized or spontaneous use creates a lot of great conversation. I do not enjoy small talk and these make it BIG talk.

Thanks for this great feedback Christine! We are so pleased you are enjoying Vertellis. Here's to more Big Talk!

Chapters - Gratitude Journal
Kathlene Y. (Bay City, MI)
Great Way to Think about LIFE

The journal is a great way to pause and think about Life. It helps to determine your areas of improvement but always be thankful. Big or small, everyone has a reason to be thankful. I re-read what I've written to find common themes.

This is such a great way to use Chapters, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Family Edition - Parents & Kids
Aniko D. (Lawrencetown, NS)

Awesome game

Thanks so much for your feedback Aniko. We are so glad that you and your family are enjoying Vertellis!

Holiday Edition
christine l. (Washington, DC)
Holiday Edition

Wonderful, many thanks and keep up the good work.

Thank you for your kind words and support Christine! We are so glad you are enjoying Vertellis!

Family Edition - Parents & Kids
Kat K. (Pennington, NJ)
Vertellis family/holiday editions

For the past 2 Christmases, I have purchased a vertellis game for the family to play. It has now become a tradition the family looks forward to participating in. We have also extended it to uncles, aunts and cousins to play.

Great to hear you are getting the extended family involved Kat! We are honoured that Vertellis is becoming a tradition in your house. Thanks for the lovely feedback!

KIDS - Mindfulness journal for kids
Karen D. (Syracuse, NY)
Thoughtful & beautiful

I gave this to our granddaughter & she has been enjoying it. It is well made; gives great staring points to think about & gratitude is built in. Plus room for drawing. I highly recommend this product

Thanks for this lovely feedback Karen! We are so glad your granddaughter is enjoying her journal!

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Cindy S. (Kimberly, ID)

I had some doubts, but this game really did open up good conversation and give good insight into each other's lives this past holiday season.

Thanks for your feedback Cindy! Great to hear we surpassed your expectations! I hope you continue to enjoy the games with your loved ones.

Chapters - Gratitude Journal
Cherie F. (Sherman, TX)
Getting to Know Myself

I ordered a journal for myself and another for a friend. I love how the journal is broken up into chapters and themes. Each day gives me the opportunity to examine what is going well, what could be better, and for whatever I am grateful for that day. I love how each day ends with a new question that makes me pause to reflect and do a little soul-searching. This journal is truly helping me get to know myself better!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Cherie! The Vertellis Chapters journal is a great tool to use for self-discovery, it's so good to hear that it helps you reflect and get to know yourself better!

Holiday Edition
William H. (Buford, GA)
Extremely thought provoking!

Being surrounded by the effects of the CCP Virus and the party in power in the United States, the Vertellis Holiday Edition is thought provoking and makes one have to dig deep into what was really important to one’s self and how to prepare for what my come and at the same time be thankful to God, negative or positive, for the outcome.

This is exactly what we hope for William! It's great to hear that Vertellis has been useful for you during these confusing times. Here's to more open hearted connection and honest conversation!

Holiday Edition
Karen P. (Lenexa, KS)
Great Conversation Cards

Loved the Holiday edition and learned somethings about family members I didn't know. Very though provoking.

That's great Karen! If you are learning new things about each other then I would say Vertellis is working! I hope you will continue to have fun playing the game and enjoying getting to know each other better.

Holiday Edition
Kris M. (Waverly, IA)
So many possibilities!

I am able to use my Vertellis product beyond the holidays. I intend to use it with my graduate students and purchased one for my son who is also a university professor!

Holiday Edition
Rose S. (Houston, TX)
Family / party FUN

What a great way to get to know what your adult kids remember in a fun month-threatening way.

We played this the past two years with in-laws families. Got to know each other so much faster. Great questions! You want this !!