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Holiday Edition
Karen B. (Cypress, TX)

Holiday Edition

The BEST journal out there!

I love these journals! They are well thought out and make journaling such a great daily experience! I will definitely be reordering.

A beautiful gift

I loved these books I purchased for my daughters and me. As daily gratitude journals we can sit and reflect on our days and what we are grateful for each and every day.

Holiday Edition
Belinda J. (Brisbane, QLD)
Helpful for the whole family

We went camping with some new friends. We’re all introverts and didn’t know all that much about each other. Vertellis really helped break the ice. The kids then took the cards and continued amongst themselves too.

High Quality Journal

This is the highest quality journal I have ever purchased. I finally splurged and purchased one for myself, and am very happy that I did. I really like the prompts and the inspirational quotes. Although it is divided into chapters, I can see myself bouncing between them depending on my mood. Is this acceptable, or should I follow the chapters in order?

Friday Questions Game
Tami M. (Haines City, FL)
A great way to reconnect with family

We are 3 generations living under one roof & that creates a very unique family dynamic. Generation gaps had begun to form and friction was becoming common place. For Christmas I bought everyone their own Vertellis journals and the dinner table card deck. I can’t honestly say that everyone has been using the journals, but I do know that the cards have certainly improved things for our family. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives on the questions. It’s been very insightful. Wish I’d known about & purchsed this sooner!

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Cher W. (Minneapolis, MN)
Giving the world what it needs ❤

This company works hard at promoting love, giving families an opportunity to bond and spreading positivity. Those are things we all benefit from. Got the bundle to have 3x the opportunity to get communicating!

Holiday Edition
Lisa W. (Minneapolis, MN)
Fun family times 8-100

We had so much fun with the Holiday Edition we will definitely be buying another set!!

Holiday Edition
Barbara S. (Saint Charles, MO)

We had a lot of fun. Using it again tonight...!

Holiday Edition
Donna S. (North Pole, AK)

Holiday Edition

Holiday Edition
Randi Z. (Denver, CO)
From Randi

We played it but it was not what the group was into.

Relationship Edition - For all couples
Harriet L. (Port Townsend, WA)

I purchased as gifts, so cannot rate.

Holiday Edition
Anonymous (Head of Westport, MA)
Just What We Needed

I can’t tell you how much fun my family and I had playing this on Xmas Day. I purchased specifically for Xmas because year after year The holiday seemed to turn into more of a “Festivus” rather than a meaningful day. We laughed so hard we cried and we’re quite surprised at some of the responses. I highly recommend this game!

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Estela D. (Santo Domingo Este, 32)
Delayed package…

Good afternoon Vertellis Team,

I have been trying to reach you in order to know how much longer will it take to the package with number USA236507 to arrive at the shipping address since it is being a month and I needed the package for a present last week… I have already checked the status of my order and it says that it is on the way but I have no clue when it will be ready... It has been a bit disappointing…

I remain to your response, thank you in advance.

(Although I love you cards since I have them for quite a long time!)

Holiday Edition
Sherry (Denver, CO)
Enjoyed getting to know my relatives better!

Started lots of conversations with laughs and surprises!

Trilogy Bundle - all 3 games
Deborah A.J. (Jacksonville, FL)
Grandkids loved it!

My grandchildren are all teenagers. It’s hard to get them to leave their cell phones. We pulled out Vertellis last night after dinner and we had more fun - and learned a lot about each other!

Perfect for granddaughter!

Gave this to my granddaughter, who is in a situation where she has lots of time on her hands, and time to think. She loves it!

Holiday Edition
Linda I. (Jacksonville, FL)
This isn’t a game, it’s an experience!

Excellent time with deep and meaningful conversations. Highly recommended.

Holiday Edition
Customercorinev (Houston, TX)

Gave this to a couple that just got engaged. They saud it wa# a lot of fun!

Holiday Edition
Vera S. (Galveston, TX)
It impressed me very much.

But you have to wait before I play with my kids and grandkids on Christmas ( Eve and Day) . I hope they like it. It can be very hopeful.

Holiday Edition
kate l. (Delray Beach, FL)
A Most Thoughtful Game

Really fun and revealed many facts that were up to the game unknown….

Holiday Edition
Jazz W. (New Bern, NC)
A great way to get the conversations going with 2 teenage grandchildren,

We tried it the other night with our 35 year old son and it was a hit. Can’t wait to use it when the grandkids over over for Christmas!

20 Ice Breaker Coasters
Nancy S. (Geneva, OH)

The key to great relationships are the questions. I love these

Holiday Edition
Kathleen J. (West Chester, PA)
Love vertellis

Played with my grandson, to try it out. We both loved it and I will definitely bring to Christmas dinner with family.

Holiday Edition
Mary L.L. (New Albany, OH)

I bought as a Christmas gift so hasn’t been played yet…will keep you posted…