Every great story starts with an audacious goal...

Vertellis is changing the way people connect in our digital society.

The simple idea that changed everything

When we - Bart and Liz - announced that we wanted to leave Amsterdam to travel abroad in 2016, our families didn’t take it well. 

We decided to use handwritten question cards during our Christmas dinner to create space for meaningful conversations. To our surprise, something really special happened.

There was so much understanding, love, laughter and even a few tears. We’ve never felt so close to each other.

We wanted to share this life changing game and help as many people as possible. That’s why we took a leap of faith and started a crowdfunding campaign together with our friend Lars to sell 500 games. The result: over 25,000 people placed orders! 

Things skyrocketed after that. Willem joined our team and our one game in the Netherlands evolved into multiple products that are sold in seven countries across the globe...and we’re not stopping there!

The secret to our success

If you want to connect with someone, there are endless possibilities. From WhatsApp to email, from social media to old-fashioned phone calls. But it is getting harder and harder to truly connect, with each other and with yourself. And that’s a big problem. Because you need those meaningful offline connections to cope with the fast-paced changes in our digital world!

Quality time instead of screen time, and a better understanding of yourself will help you live your life in a happy and healthy manner.

We’re on a mission

To create powerful products that increase togetherness and self-reflection, and allow for special moments offline. Our products inspire people around the world to make space for gratitude and spark sincere conversations with people they care about.

Want to be part of this revolution to inspire togetherness, reflection, and self-awareness in this digital world? Join us! We’d love to have you.

Thanks for visiting!

We appreciate your interest in vertellis. Hopefully, you are leaving the website inspired and ready to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

If you like our missions, together we can help create beautiful conversations and make the world a little better!