An audacious goal creates a great story...

Vertellis is striving to make a worldwide impact on the way people connect in our digital society.

Talk About a Revolution

Over the next 5 to 15 years, A LOT will change in the world. We’re already seeing it! Technology is becoming more embedded in our lives, screen time is beating out quality time, and staying “busy” has become more important than self-reflection.

Here’s the thing though – at Vertellis, we firmly believe that quality time offline coupled with a better understanding of oneself is crucial to coping with all this change in a healthy manner. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make a positive impact in the world by facilitating meaningful conversations and giving people an outlet for self-reflection and development.

7 out of 12

Our products are designed to increase offline moments, make space for self-reflection, and spark sincere conversations with people you care about.

Want to be part of this revolution to inspire togetherness, reflection, and self-awareness in our digital age? Join us! We’d love to have you.

How Vertellis started...

Our very first question card game was played on homemade, handwritten cards. After a tremendously positive response from friends and family, we took a leap of faith and decided to mass produce the game and make it available for purchase online. Within just a few months, we sold over 25,000 units in the Netherlands alone.

Now, what started as a single question card game in the Netherlands has evolved into multiple products that are sold in seven countries across the globe...and we’re not stopping there!

Fun Fact: Vertellis officially launched in 2016 using a Crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was a MAJOR success and proved to us that people everywhere are looking for more offline connection! #communitydriven

We’re on a mission
To create powerful products that increase togetherness and self-reflecction.
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