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The Full Vertellis Collection

Vertellis - Holiday Edition


Vertellis is the ultimate card game for creating a closer bond with those you value. Experience genuine connections by truly paying attention to who you're talking to! With questions that spark me...

Vertellis Chapters


Vertellis Chapters - #1 best-selling mindfulness journal! We're constantly busy, trying to juggle the many commitments we have, day in and day out. We rarely take time to pause and reflect. With C...

Relationship Edition


Sincere attention and understanding of one another - that's what this question card game is all about. Talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come t...

Family Edition - Parents & Kids


This unique Q&A card game is fun for the whole family! With interesting questions and playful assignments, parents and children engage in honest, meaningful conversations while planning activ...

The 3-Game Collection - Get 10% off and free shipping


Bundle of all three Vertellis Games to deepen all relationships in your life! Learn even more about your loved ones while spending valuable time together (offline!).  Talk about great memories,...

The Ultimate Family Bundle - Save 10% and free shipping


The ultimate bundle for parents & kids - allowing families to spend time offline, increase togetherness and grow even closer. With this bundle, parents & kids take a special moment each day...

The Vertellis Mindset


Vertellis Mindset. The #1 online program to improve your mindset through personal development, self-reflection, and lifestyle. A unique strength of this program is that it is one of the first integ...