Journal now with the #1 best-selling guided journal and experience a breakthrough in relationships, your mental well-being and an increased sense of togetherness and belonging in the world.  

What makes Chapters so special?
Not an empty notebook with no clear direction, but a guided journal and personal coach in book format with powerful questions & inspiring stories that will spark positivity. 💪 Every Single Day.

  • Adopt a more positive mindset
  • Experience gratitude
  • Feel less stressed
  • Sleep better
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 409 reviews
    Deborah Baker (Macon, US)

    Vertellis Chapters - Gratitude Journal

    Thanks so much for the 5stars Deborah! We are so glad you are enjoying your copy of Chapters :)

    Paul King (Cologne, DE)

    I have the journal on my desk in Toronto however I decided to start it after my trip to Europe visiting friends and family not seen since Covid. After five days in Amsterdam tested positive in Germany now in isolation awaiting ability to return home . Every day I do a mental journal of gratitude as seen in my Vertellis journal, intent travels well XOPaul

    Thanks for sharing this with us Paul! It's wonderful to hear that your Gratitude Exercises can be done remotely! :) :) I hope very much that you are well rested and that you are fully recovered from Covid and reunited with your Journal! :)

    Jeffrey Burton
    Chapters - Gratitude Journal

    I bought two copies of the journal, one for my wife and one for myself. We are off to a good start using the journal and we both think it is fantastic. What I appreciate so much is the guidance, structure, and the positive input that Vertellis has provided for us. It is so much more than just journaling. It really is relationship building. Thank you for your good work.

    Thanks for this wonderful review Jeffrey! We are so glad that you and your wife are having such a positive experience with Chapters!


    Sincere attention and understanding of one another – that's what this question card game is all about.

    With the Vertellis Relationship-edition you’ll get to talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come true...all in a playful, loving way.

    Put down your phones and spend valuable time (offline!) together. 

    Experience what giving genuine attention to one another can do for your relationship.  

    • The #1 question card game for couples
    • For ALL types of romantic relationships
    • Developed with psychologists and relationship therapists
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    Michelle Mitcheff (Hayesville, US)
    Excellent Customer Service

    There was an odd mix up with the delivery of our game. Liz with Vertellis assisted me and without question resent the game as a replacement. We really appreciated this service and will be ordering again!

    Thanks for the great review Michelle! We are really happy that you had a positive experience with Vertellis and we look forward to hearing from you again! :)

    Albert Addison (Atlanta, US)
    Best couple game out there

    We absolutely love the game! It actually brought me and my fiancée even closer together ❤ 💕 Definitely telling my friends about this game!

    This is so awesome to hear, Albert! Here's to creating lots of beautiful memories together, connecting with one another in a meaningful way, and sharing many memorable experiences in the months and years to come!

    J Taylor (St. Albert, CA)
    Fantastic tool!

    We are so pleased with this purchase - a way to enter into deep conversation about many important aspects of our relationship without one person "taking the reins" and controlling the conversation. We chose to go on a "retreat" for five days and spread the entire box of cards out over that time. We're looking forward to pulling it out in a year and going through it again!

    Absolutely love the idea of going on a retreat together, playing the Vertellis Relationship Edition game, and giving each other sincere attention and understanding. This is exactly what this game is about so well done you!


    This unique Q&A card game is fun for the whole family!

    With interesting questions and playful assignments, parents and children engage in honest, meaningful conversations while planning activities for the future.

    Learn more about one another and become closer as a unit!

    • Everyone in the family gets their turn in the conversation
    • Spend a moment together offline
    • Developed with teachers, families, and child psychologists
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 99 reviews
    Aniko Dunford (Lawrencetown, CA)

    Awesome game

    Thanks so much for your feedback Aniko. We are so glad that you and your family are enjoying Vertellis!

    Kat Kelly (Pennington, US)
    Vertellis family/holiday editions

    For the past 2 Christmases, I have purchased a vertellis game for the family to play. It has now become a tradition the family looks forward to participating in. We have also extended it to uncles, aunts and cousins to play.

    Great to hear you are getting the extended family involved Kat! We are honoured that Vertellis is becoming a tradition in your house. Thanks for the lovely feedback!

    CARYLON LILES (Chicago, US)
    With Teenagers

    We played with one of our families with three teens and they loved it!

    Love that you are enjoying Vertellis and that the teenagers are getting involved! This game is perfect for playing with your kids of all ages, having some great meaningful conversations and most importantly having fun!

    46.00 57.00

    The Vertellis Trilogy is a bundle of our three most iconic question card games, for a stronger bond with your partner, your family, and your friends & co-workers to deepen all relationships in your life!

    Learn even more about your loved ones while spending valuable time together (offline!). Talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come true...all in a fun, playful way! Developed with psychologists, coaches and fans of Vertellis. What you'll get:

    • Vertellis Holiday Edition - to reflect & connect with family, friends and colleagues
    • Vertellis Relationship Edition - for an even deeper connection with your partner
    • Vertellis Family Edition - for an even stronger family bond

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 82 reviews
        David Hanes (Berlin, DE)

        The Trilogy Bundle - all 3 Vertellis games

        Thanks for the 5stars David! We are so glad you are enjoying Vertellis!

        Christine Korben (Abingdon, US)
        So many uses, so much to share

        These questions are perfect for so many occasions. Organized or spontaneous use creates a lot of great conversation. I do not enjoy small talk and these make it BIG talk.

        Thanks for this great feedback Christine! We are so pleased you are enjoying Vertellis. Here's to more Big Talk!

        Cindy Sherman (Kimberly, US)

        I had some doubts, but this game really did open up good conversation and give good insight into each other's lives this past holiday season.

        Thanks for your feedback Cindy! Great to hear we surpassed your expectations! I hope you continue to enjoy the games with your loved ones.