20 Ice Breaker Coasters

Say hello to Vertellis Coasters, your sure-fire way to liven up a dinner party or deepen connections at the neighborhood barbecue.

You’ll find you even like keeping them around the house as conversation starters for both informal and formal events!

Each Coaster has an engaging, thought-provoking question designed to spark meaningful conversation. Great for lifelong friends or new acquaintances, these beautiful Coasters are sure to make your next gathering extra special.

Coasters is printed on 100% recyclable pulpboard, so if you tear a Coasters or it catches your spill, don’t feel bad about grabbing another! Each question is unique to Coasters and can’t be found in any of our games!

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  • Package includes 20 Coasters, each with a different question.
    Price: 7.50 15.00
    7.50 15.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Nancy Stiver

    The key to great relationships are the questions. I love these

    Lela DeLoach
    Family Fun

    We used our coasters at our Thanksgiving table. It was something adults and children could participate in. It was fun, funny, and reflective of who each of us are. I would highly recommend it for family or friend gatherings. The questions were not in any way embarrassing, offensive, or too private. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

    Eric Enniss

    I never got them

    Joyce Holzapfel
    Conversation starter

    They’re fun with old friends & new ones.

    Søs Brixen
    Not recieved

    Havent recieved my order, so cant

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