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Willem Jagtman - 27/11/2020

Personal questions to ask for a better relationship!

Ask the love of your life personal questions. It sounds so simple. But do you really do it?

Just like a car, your relationship needs periodic maintenance. You can do that by going on a nice date together, but also by using this personal quiz for couples. That way you'll not only spend valuable time together, but learn more about each other in the process!

So what are the right questions to ask? We have 15 ideas for you in this personal couples questionnaire! 

15 personal questions for a better relationship

Keep reading for 15 personal questions you can ask your partner! 

  1. What do you think is the most fun thing we did together recently?
  2. When were we at our best as a couple lately and when were we least like a team?
  3. When have you laughed loudest lately?
  4. What recent events have you learned a lot from?
  5. What joint activity would you like to undertake with me in the coming days?
  6. What outfit would you like me to put on again soon and what outfit would you like to (finally) go in the garbage can?
  7. Imagine you are going to save money for the next six months. What would this be for and how could you do it?
  8. What's something I could do to make your day a little more fun tomorrow?
  9. Imagine that you’re elderly and looking back on your life. What do you want to have meant in your loved one’s life and are you on the right track?
  10. What will you do soon that you’ll remember with a smile in your old age?
  11. What healthy habit would you like to begin in the days ahead?
  12. What have you been doing well lately in our relationship and what could you have done better?
  13. Imagine you could trade one of my traits for one of yours. What good quality of your own would you give to me and what good quality of mine would you like to have?
  14. What are you grateful for that I've done for you lately?
  15. What recent achievement of mine are you proud of?
List of personal questions

What is the purpose of this personal questionnaire?

Every relationship has ups and downs. And in order to last a lifetime together, you have to be honest with each other.

We believe that sincere attention and understanding for one another is the basis of any healthy relationship. Life is busy, you guys are busy, and before you know it, another day, month, or year will be over. In the hectic pace of life, you sometimes forget to see each other as partners and operate simply like roommates, parents, or cab drivers.

Ask your girlfriend some questions! Because just like a garden, your relationship sometimes needs tending to. That's why we advise you to think about each other and your relationship using this questionnaire.

You'll touch on important topics, such as: What do you like about each other? What have you experienced together? And what do you appreciate in the other?

Make time for each other, make it fun together, let your inner child out, and let's go!

Personal questionnaire

Make a game of personal questions to get through to each other

By making the above questionnaire personal, you’ll gather shared memories and evaluate the current state of your relationship. Let each other dream about the future in a playful and loving way.

Don't make it into deep questions about each other's "faults", but focus on the positive aspects: what are your dreams, what do you enjoy looking back on, and what do you like about each other?

With our Vertellis Relationship Edition, you'll experience what playful, sincere attention for each other can do for your relationship. We promise!

Vertellis Relationship Edition - For all couples
Vertellis Relationship Edition - For all couples

Sincere attention and understanding of one another – that's what this question card game is all about.

With the Vertellis Relationship-edition you’ll get to talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come true...all in a playful, loving way.

Put down your phones and spend valuable time (offline!) together. 

Experience what giving genuine attention to one another can do for your relationship.  

  • The #1 question card game for couples
  • For ALL types of romantic relationships
  • Developed with psychologists and relationship therapists
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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Mitcheff (Hayesville, US)
Excellent Customer Service

There was an odd mix up with the delivery of our game. Liz with Vertellis assisted me and without question resent the game as a replacement. We really appreciated this service and will be ordering again!

Thanks for the great review Michelle! We are really happy that you had a positive experience with Vertellis and we look forward to hearing from you again! :)

Albert Addison (Atlanta, US)
Best couple game out there

We absolutely love the game! It actually brought me and my fiancée even closer together ❤ 💕 Definitely telling my friends about this game!

This is so awesome to hear, Albert! Here's to creating lots of beautiful memories together, connecting with one another in a meaningful way, and sharing many memorable experiences in the months and years to come!

J Taylor (St. Albert, CA)
Fantastic tool!

We are so pleased with this purchase - a way to enter into deep conversation about many important aspects of our relationship without one person "taking the reins" and controlling the conversation. We chose to go on a "retreat" for five days and spread the entire box of cards out over that time. We're looking forward to pulling it out in a year and going through it again!

Absolutely love the idea of going on a retreat together, playing the Vertellis Relationship Edition game, and giving each other sincere attention and understanding. This is exactly what this game is about so well done you!