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Tessa Brennan - 22/07/2021

Affirmations in Relationships

Curious about how to use affirmations in relationships? Vertellis is here to help. We’re sharing 42 relationship affirmations that are for everyone—whether your relationship needs improvement or you and your partner are happy as clams. And for you single people, we have you covered, too. Use these positive affirmations for relationships to boost self-love and release your insecurity so you can show up for your next partnership with confidence. 

In addition to getting our favorite affirmations for love and relationships, you’ll also learn how to incorporate these healing partnership statements into a daily practice. What’s more, you’ll see how they can be used for toxic relationships and relationship anxiety. But most importantly, when you regularly practice these healthy relationship affirmations, you’ll improve the most important relationship of all—the one you have with yourself. Keep reading to get 42 amazing affirmations for relationships and start incorporating them into your life today!

42 Affirmations for Relationships

These relationship affirmations are designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself, heal insecurity, and remember what you love about your partner. Whether you’re single or in a committed partnership, use these positive affirmations in relationships whenever you need to ground yourself in worthiness or reaffirm your commitment to your loved one.

  1. I am committed to working on my relationship.
  2. I hold the keys to my own happiness.
  3. I am worthy of love.
  4. I am open to receiving love.
  5. I am committed to being caring, loving, and kind in my relationship.
  6. Love is all around me.
  7. It’s okay for me to ask for what I need in my relationship.
  8. I am deserving of love just as I am. 
  9. I allow my partner to be their own person. 
  10. I release control in my relationship.
  11. I approach my relationship with an open heart.
  12. I have faith in my relationship. 
  13. I give my relationship the time and attention it deserves. 
  14. I am deeply loveable.
  15. I make space in my life for an amazing relationship.
  16. I believe in infinite love.
  17. I am worthy of happiness in my relationship.
  18. I am grateful for all relationships in my life.
  19. I bring my whole self to my relationship.
  20. I release resentment towards my partner and ask for what I need in a loving way.
  21. I commit to setting healthy boundaries in my relationship.
  22. I respect my partner’s boundaries.
  23. I take responsibility for my own emotions.
  24. I show appreciation for my partner every day.
  25. I take time to be present with my partner.
  26. I view my partner with love and kindness.
  27. I listen to my partner with an open mind and heart.
  28. Whatever happens in my relationship, I know I will be okay.
  29. I am filled with loving-kindness. 
  30. I make consistent efforts to be my best self in my relationship.
  31. Today, I will do something nice for my partner.
  32. I can communicate in a healthy, constructive way.
  33. I appreciate our differences; it keeps our relationship fresh and exciting.
  34. I commit to being a supportive, loving partner.
  35. My needs in this relationship are important and valid.
  36. My partner and I are both worthy of deep love and respect.
  37. I love ____ about my partner.
  38. I appreciate everything my partner does for our relationship.
  39. I believe in my relationship.
  40. I bring playfulness and flirtation to my relationship.
  41. I am not always right and that’s okay. 
  42. I show up wholeheartedly in my relationship each and every day.

If you’re struggling to embrace some of the self-worth concepts presented in these healthy relationship affirmations, you’re not alone. Our suggestion? Take a look at these affirmations for self-esteem and try incorporating a few into your daily routine. We all know self-esteem is crucial for healthy, secure relationships and these positive quotes will give you the boost you need to truly believe in yourself.

42 Affirmations for Relationships

How to use affirmations to improve relationships

If your goal is to use affirmations to improve your relationship, all of the statements listed above will be helpful on this journey. And while we are big fans of using affirmations in your partnership in whatever way works for you, there are two big ways we recommend practicing these loving statements:

  1. Create your own daily practice to cultivate love and self-worth within yourself.
  2. Use these quotes with your partner to solidify commitments and improve your relationship together.

Keep reading to learn more about each of these practices, then get creative and start playing to make these affirmations for a healthy relationship work for you!

1. Create a daily practice for yourself

Shifting your relationship dynamic means getting clear on your own commitments in the partnership while also feeling worthy of receiving love. This allows you to show up every day with a caring, committed, and confident mindset. Whether you’re using affirmations to heal relationship anxiety or build your self-worth around love, you need to practice to improve relationships regularly.

This can be done by saying an affirmation for a healthy relationship out loud in front of a mirror, as a silent mantra in a meditation practice, or writing it in a gratitude journal like Vertellis Chapters. And like anything worthwhile in life, you’ll see the best results if you commit to doing this on a daily basis. Whether you make it part of your morning routine or take time during your lunch break, having a daily practice will help you see the biggest changes in your partnership. 

2. Say healing relationship affirmations with your partner

If you want to use affirmations to improve your relationship, it can be really helpful to get your partner on board. Why? Because working on your relationship is a two-way street. You can do all the personal development and mindset shifting you want, but to really heal a relationship using affirmations, both partners need to be committed to doing the work.

If you need help getting started, here are a few great statements to try:

  • “I am committed to working on this relationship.”
  • “I am grateful for this relationship.”
  • “I commit to giving this relationship the time and attention it deserves.”

One of our favorite ways to do this? Sit across from or next to one another where you can touch or make eye contact. Choose some affirmations for love and relationships from the list above (you can reword them as you see fit), and take turns saying them out loud to one another. This turns your healthy partnership mantras into a sacred vow or agreement with each other. 

What if I’m in a happy, healthy relationship?

If you’re already in a happy, healthy relationship—fantastic! If you don’t currently need affirmations to improve your romantic relationship, these loving quotes can still be helpful for bettering other relationships in your life (including the one with yourself). They’ll also help ensure your relationship stays a top priority during times of stress, crisis, or when navigating a busy season.

And finally, all healthy couples occasionally argue. It’s normal, natural, and can actually indicate that you both care about the relationship. Try cooling off from an argument by sitting somewhere quietly and repeating a healing relationship affirmation to yourself. This can help soothe your nervous system and remind you of why you love your partner, even when you disagree on something.

Using positive affirmations for relationships when you’re single

Are you single and worried these partnership quotes may not apply to you? No way! Saying positive affirmations in your relationships is a great practice when you’re single or in the beginning stages of dating. This is the best time to release relationship insecurity and build up your confidence so you can approach your next partnership with a healthy, grounded mindset. 

Practice your affirmations for a healthy relationship in any of the ways described above: out loud in front of the mirror, as a meditation mantra, or in a journal. If you want bursts of positivity throughout the day, you can even write your favorite relationship affirmations on sticky notes and post them around your home or office!

And listen, even if you’re practicing your love mantras daily, we all know dating can be scary. If you feel like you could use a little boost, add some confidence affirmations into the mix. These quotes can help you release any deep-seated negative beliefs you have about yourself and move toward your next relationship with confidence and hope.

Using positive affirmations for relationships when you’re single

Will these affirmations work for toxic relationships?

Here’s the thing...affirmations to heal a relationship will not magically change your partner or relationship dynamic. What these positive quotes are designed to do is ground you in your worthiness of love and happiness and your ability to wholeheartedly show up in a relationship. They can’t transform your partner into a completely different person or fix major problems in a relationship without consistent work from both people.

So what does that mean if you want to heal a toxic relationship or broken marriage? Affirmations for toxic relationships have no guarantee of saving a struggling partnership, BUT they will do two things if you find yourself in a less-than-blissful situation:

1. You’ll show up differently

Practicing healing relationship affirmations will change the way you show up in your relationship. You’ll bring more openness, respect, and willingness to ask for what you need in a loving way. Using positive affirmations for relationship insecurity will also help you release control and find more trust in your partnership. You may still find that the relationship is not right for you or your partner (there is such a thing as simply not being a good match), but regardless of what happens, you’ll know you gave it your best shot.

Also, if you’re using affirmations for relationship anxiety relief, add some affirmations for anxiety into your practice, as well. These positive quotes will help you feel more calm and secure in yourself, so no matter what happens in your relationship, you know you’ll be okay.

2. You’ll replace relationship insecurity with self-love

Many people stay in toxic relationships or broken marriages because they believe they’re not worthy of love or won’t find a healthy partnership if they leave. That’s why in the list of positive relationship affirmations we shared above, many of the quotes are about promoting self-love and developing worthiness around being in a happy partnership. Once you’re grounded in your own self-worth and belief that you’re deserving of a healthy relationship, you’ll be better equipped to make the decision of whether or not to stay in a toxic relationship. 

If you need more support in this area, try these affirmations for self-love. They’ll help build your confidence and self-esteem, which is vital to knowing your worth in every relationship dynamic. 

A final note: any relationship with physical, emotional, or sexual abuse is not safe and we do not recommend using affirmations to improve relationships to try and change this. If you’re experiencing abuse in your relationship, please seek support from family, friends, or professional services like the National Domestic Violence Hotline

The biggest bonus of using affirmations in relationships

The great thing about using affirmations for relationships is that so much of this practice is about focusing on your own self-worth and being open to receiving love. The reality is, there is no guarantee that using affirmations in your relationship will save a broken marriage or toxic partnership. You can try your hardest, but at the end of the day, your partner must want to improve the relationship, too. Affirmations are only a piece of this (sometimes messy) puzzle.

The biggest bonus of using affirmations in relationships

But don’t despair...there are so many plus sides here. Whether you’re trying to heal your current relationship or are single and looking for your forever partner, practicing affirmations for love and relationships will only bring positive change. You’ll begin to release relationship anxiety and be more confident in expressing your needs. And as your self-love and assurance begin to grow, you’ll be in the best place possible to decide if a partner is truly the right match for you. So whatever happens—you can’t go wrong when you incorporate affirmation in relationships.

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