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Tessa Brennan - 02/07/2021

Sleep Affirmations

These sleep affirmations are perfect for anyone who’s craving deeper, more restful sleep. Whether you have trouble quieting your mind before bed or struggle with bedtime anxiety, these positive nighttime mantras help you relax, unwind, and ease into a good night’s rest. At Vertellis, we know how important sleep is for all of us, so we want you to get all you can from these powerful sleep affirmations!

Not only will you get 21 of our favorite night affirmations, but you’ll also learn different ways to use these calming quotes, tools to make them more effective, and tips for how to choose the best bedtime affirmations for you. We want you to feel as supported as possible on your journey to better sleep. Keep reading for our favorite nighttime affirmations to use before bed and start looking forward to a good night’s sleep each and every night.

21 Sleep Affirmations

These 21 positive sleep affirmations are here to help calm your mind before bedtime, ease nighttime anxiety, and set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. You can write down your favorites to use on a nightly basis, pick a different one from this list each evening to give your brain a fresh boost of positivity, or simply take inspiration from these and create your own night affirmations!

  1. I invite peace and serenity into my space.
  2. I am calm, I am safe, I am at peace.
  3. I honor my body and mind with rest so I can awaken as my best self.
  4. I look forward to waking up well-rested and refreshed.
  5. My body is held. This place is my sanctuary.
  6. I am worthy of having a good night’s sleep.
  7. I release all that happened today and look forward to the adventures of tomorrow.
  8. I have done enough today. It’s time to rest.
  9. I am relaxed and ready for sleep.
  10. I forgive myself and others for any mistakes we made today.
  11. I feel cozy, calm, and content.
  12. I allow myself to rest easily.
  13. This day is done. I can do no more.
  14. I did my best today. Now I give myself the gift of sleep.
  15. I invite my mind to be still.
  16. I release all thoughts of worry and stress.
  17. I sleep tonight so I can take on tomorrow.
  18. I call in nourishing and healing sleep.
  19. Tomorrow is full of possibilities.
  20. I allow myself to fall into a deep and restful sleep.
  21. Nobody needs me right now. All is well.

Did you know that many sleepless nights are due to nighttime anxiety? If that’s something you struggle with, check out these bedtime affirmations for anxiety, as well. These calming mantras will soothe your mind and help you release fear and worry, making it easier to drop into a deep, restful sleep. If anxiety isn’t the cause of your sleeping problems, we provide more information about sleep affirmations below. 

21 sleep affirmations

Do bedtime affirmations really work?

We get it...before you start investing your time in this process, you want to make sure saying bedtime affirmations is actually effective. And while every person is different, for many people, saying calming statements at bedtime is a huge help in getting a better night’s sleep.

Why? Well, first of all, if you’re having trouble sleeping, you probably have some negative thoughts or even anxiety about bedtime. Perhaps you automatically think thoughts such as, “I never sleep through the night” or “My to-do list always keeps me up”. The thing is, regularly having negative thoughts about your sleep patterns absolutely affects your quality and quantity of sleep!

Use these positive mantras in the night or before bedtime

Enter positive sleep affirmations before bedtime. When you practice these relaxing mantras, you begin to replace those automatic negative thoughts with positive ones. By telling yourself uplifting statements like “I did my best today” or “I am calm, I am safe, I am at peace”, you’re training your brain to release any stress from the day and approach bedtime from a relaxed, calm, accepting place.

The results? You release stress and anxiety before bed, ease worry about the next day, go to sleep more easily, and wake up refreshed and excited each morning. All of this is accomplished with sleep affirmations before bedtime. 

How to choose the best affirmations for the nighttime

When it comes to picking the best night time affirmations, there’s no right or wrong. It’s all about finding the statements that help you feel calm, relaxed, and ready to sleep. If you need a little inspiration though, here are our favorite ways to choose declarations for bedtime:

  •     Go through the list above and pick 1-5 quotes that really speak to you. Write them down in a notebook or on a piece of paper to keep by your bedside. Every night, select one of these sleep statements to work with, preferably one that speaks to any reasons why sleep feels evasive to you that evening. 
  •     Write down all the statements above on separate notecards. Each evening, randomly draw one notecard and practice this positive affirmation that night. You’ll get to experience a range of quotes and see which ones are most powerful for you!
  •     Create your own! To make things super personal, take inspiration from above and create your own compelling sleep declarations. Tap into what your brain and body really need to feel calm and relaxed and then let your creativity shine!
How to choose the best affirmations for the nighttime

Three ways to use these positive sleep affirmations

Just like with choosing a good night affirmation for yourself, there is also no right or wrong way to use these positive sleep statements. Affirmations can be integrated in a million and one ways into your bedtime routine, but there are three specific ways we personally like to use night time affirmations. Try one or all three and see which one is most effective for you!

1. Create a bedtime meditation mantra

Have you ever meditated lying down before you sleep? If so, you probably know how easy it is to accidentally doze off in the middle of your session (whoops!). That’s because the effects of meditation, including decreased heart rate and increased melatonin levels, also occur in the early stages of sleep. Well friend, for this practice, we’re going to take advantage of the changes the body experiences with meditation so you can fall asleep more easily in the night time

To start, pick a bedtime affirmation from above to serve as your meditation mantra. Then, lie in bed with your eyes closed. We recommend lying on your back with hands by your sides or putting one hand on your heart, the other on your tummy. Begin to focus on your breath, breathing slowly and deeply. Then, introduce your bedtime mantra.

Repeat the mantra silently to yourself. If your thoughts begin to drift or feelings of worry or anxiety come up, simply bring your attention back to your bedtime affirmations. If your goal is just to relax before bed, repeat the affirmation for 5-20 minutes. However, if getting to sleep is what you want, meditate using the bedtime mantra until you naturally doze off.

2. Journal with sleep affirmations before bed

Journaling with positive affirmations for sleep is a wonderful way to alleviate stress and anxiety before bedtime. Our preferred way to do this? First, do a “brain dump”—this is where you write down anything that’s weighing on your mind, from random to-dos to the conversation you had with your boss that day. Combining this with bedtime affirmations can really help you fall asleep faster.

Once you’ve gotten all the worry out on paper (we also like to call this “emptying your cup”), it’s time to refill your cup with positive sleep affirmations. Write down your chosen bedtime quotes for as long as you need to relax your brain and put yourself in a positive state of mind before bed. This can be for as little as thirty seconds or as much as ten minutes—there’s no right or wrong here.

To make bedtime journaling a daily practice, we recommend keeping your entries all in one place. This can be in a simple notebook or if you want more positive prompts to use before bedtime, a guided mindfulness journal like Vertellis Chapters.

3. Listen to your relaxing statements

Listening to your favorite nighttime quotes is another great way to relax the mind and body before hitting the hay. To do this, simply record yourself repeating your chosen good night affirmations for 3-5 minutes. Once you’re in bed, turn on your recording and close your eyes.

Feel free to put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly again. This method is like a guided meditation, which is just as powerful as you repeating the bedtime mantra in real-time! Listening to these affirmations before sleeping should help you drift away to the calming sound of your own voice. 

Tips to get the most from your bedtime affirmations

While practicing affirmations before bedtime is a great tool to help you drop into a deep, restful sleep, there are other things you can do to help make these powerful sleep statements even more effective. From putting down your phone (you can do it!) to creating a bedtime routine, keep reading to see how you can level up your positive affirmations to get a good night’s sleep night after night.

Turn off the tech

You knew this one was coming right? We’ve all heard the cautionary tales—blue light from our devices inhibits melatonin production and can reduce the amount of time we spend in REM sleep. In other words, you can’t expect to put your phone down at 11:00 PM, say a few positive nighttime affirmations, and magically drift off to sleep. Not gonna happen!

The Sleep Foundation recommends turning off screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime. But what do you do with that screen-free time before bedtime (besides saying your night mantras)? Funny you should ask. That’s actually covered in our next tip: creating a bedtime routine. 

Make your sleep affirmations part of a bedtime routine

If you’re serious about getting great sleep, creating (and sticking to!) a bedtime routine with an affirmation is an absolute must. Why? Well, not only does it give you a way to relax and unwind without your phone every night, but doing a consistent, repetitive set of activities before bed also signals to your brain that it’s time to prepare to sleep.

This doesn’t need to be fancy. You can do anything that feels calming for 30 minutes or an hour before bedtime (without your phone!); then do your affirmations right before you sleep. An example 30-minute nighttime routine looks like:

  •     Brushing your teeth.
  •     Washing your face/doing a skincare routine.
  •     Putting on pajamas.
  •     Reading a relaxing book for 10 minutes.
  •     Journaling for 10 minutes.
  •     Practicing your positive sleep affirmations for 5 minutes.

If you want to make this even juicier, we recommend creating a magical routine for your morning, as well. Use these morning affirmations as part of your daily ritual to help boost your confidence and put yourself in a positive frame of mind each day.

Make your sleep affirmations part of a bedtime routine

Practice your nighttime declarations in a calming environment

Imagine this...right before sleep, saying affirmations in a peaceful, uncluttered room, while wearing comfortable, clean pajamas and smelling calming essential oils on your pillowcase. Overkill? We don’t think so.

While practicing positive affirmations at night is a wonderful way to rid your mind of “thought clutter”, don’t forget to take care of the physical clutter in your bedroom, as well! Being in a cluttered bedroom can actually trigger a stress response, which can increase your cortisol levels, which means...a harder time falling asleep. If a great night of shut-eye is your goal, set yourself up for success by keeping your sleep space clean and tidy. Combining your “good night affirmation” with the right mindset can work wonders for the effectiveness.

Give your sleep affirmations time to work

It goes without saying that you want these positive bedtime affirmations to work quickly. After all, we all need sleep, right? So what do you do if these peaceful mantras aren’t giving you the deep rest you want? Getting the most out of your night is easy when using the right affirmations before bed. However, sometimes it’s not that simple

First of all, we always recommend speaking to your doctor if you have trouble sleeping. Positive sleep affirmations can reverse negative thought patterns and help you relax before bedtime, but a pervasive sleep disorder may require medical attention.

Secondly, if you’re just starting this practice of using night affirmations before bed, give it time! If you’ve had trouble sleeping for a while, your body and mind need time to adjust to a new bedtime routine. Invite yourself to practice these calming quotes before you sleep for the next 30 days. If you’re still not getting the results you want, switch it up! Try a new bedtime affirmation, routine or way of practicing your nighttime mantras. This is about finding what works best for you, and there is no wrong way to use these sleep affirmations.

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