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25 questions to ask your boyfriend

Looking for questions to ask your boyfriend? Vertellis helps you a little 😉

Of course, there is no secret recipe for a happy relationship. But if we had to choose one thing, it would be a sincere and deep conversation. It has been proven that this is precisely what can strengthen the bond with your boyfriend.

So today we would like to introduce you to 25 questions that you can ask your boyfriend. By the way, in our Vertellis Partner Edition, you'll find even more special questions for your boyfriend - perfect for Valentine's Day! 💝

Here are our 25 questions for your boyfriend

  1. Where do you see us in five years? And where in 10?
  2. Is there some behavior about me that irritates you?
  3. What is it you really want to do with me?
  4. What will our photos be showing in the next 12 months?
  5. What does your perfect day look like?
  6. Do we share a dream?
  7. What hurts you most in our relationship?
  8. What defines a happy relationship for you?
  9. Which behavior would you never accept or tolerate?
  10. Where else do you want to take me?
  11. What was the first thing you thought when you met me?
  12. What was the best moment in our relationship for you?
  13. How did you change in the last five years?
  14. How does this affect our relationship?
  15. What is the most important lesson you have learned thanks to our relationship?
  16. What have you learned from your previous relationships?
  17. What would you call our milestones?
  18. When was the last time I made you laugh?
  19. Is there something in our relationship that scares you?
  20. What was the best holiday for you together with me?
  21. From which conflicts have you learned most in the past?
  22. What compliment do you like to hear from me?
  23. What do we want to achieve together soon?
  24. Which of your childhood dreams has come true?
  25. What can I do to make you feel loved by me?

What do you think of our questions for your boyfriend? Did we miss a question? 

questions to ask your boyfriend

Things to talk about with your boyfriend 

It can sometimes be a little challenging to have intense conversations with your boyfriend in everyday life. When I ask my boyfriend how his day was, all I usually get is a "fine and yours?" back. Sometimes I feel I have to fight for every single word he says. That's why we made this blog, so you can ask open questions to your boyfriend and finally get more of an open conversation. 

By the way 💝, here are 25 questions to ask your girlfriend!

Do you know it too? Maybe it is merely time to ask others better questions and thus have more intensive discussions. After all, this is what ultimately defines the relationship: How connected do we really feel? 🥰

What new can you learn from your boyfriend?

The beautiful thing is that there is always something new to learn about your boyfriend. It does not matter whether you have just started dating or have been a couple for many years. With the right questions, you will get more out of him than ever before, and you will feel even more attracted to each other. That's precisely what you can do with our substantial questions, for example.

questions for your boyfriend

More to read!

I also know that it can be challenging to convince your boyfriend to ask profound questions. Tessa, a member of the Vertellis team, has already dealt with the question "How can I make my fellow human beings open up and talk about their feelings?" in a blog post and explains precisely how important it is to have regular sincere and honest conversations with your friend.

If you want more questions for pleasant conversations:

💝 You'll find 54 more questions for your boyfriend in our Vertellis Partner Edition!

Our Partner Edition is the #1 card game for couples who really want to spend their time together more consciously. This game helps you and your friend to create beautiful memories, dream about the future together, and make plans to make those dreams come true. And all this playfully and entertainingly! Besides, it is merely a nice feeling to hold a high-quality playing card in your hand. The game is ideal for Valentine's Day in particular - for example, for a nice dinner? You can always keep the conversation going with these questions to ask your boyfriend! 

We definitely wish you and your friend a beautiful Valentine's Day with stimulating and deep conversations! 💝

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