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Positive thoughts on the Coronavirus

Bart Kloosterhuis

Finally some positive thoughts on the Coronavirus. 

Because we are presented with a lot of (fake) news that worries and upsets us. 

I’m not joining in. Neither am I going to provide you with tips or advice on how to get rid of the virus. I don’t know how to beat it and - given the latest information - we might not be able to…

There are also opportunities

What I do want to share in this post, is the fact that I see a great opportunity in the Coronavirus. For you, for the ones you’re close too and for the world. 

Because - even though the situation is serious - it offers many opportunities.

This is a chance to be kind to others. To help. During WWII, when Stalingrad was besieged by Germany for three terribly cold winters, something extraordinary happened: a young girl had been waiting in line at the bakers to pick up her share of bread. As she walked out, she slipped and dropped it. In the mud! She looked down at her one and only meal, crying, not knowing what to do. Until an elderly woman came up to her, tore her own piece of bread in two and gave the girl half of it. We can do this too. Share. Help. Send your neighbor a text message. Do you know elderly people in your neighborhood? Ask if you can help them out by doing their grocery shopping. Be thoughtful.

It is a chance to stay calm. To train yourself in steadiness. Don’t panic, because that won’t help anybody. This is a chance to be a role model. Are you someone who fears the future, or someone who has faith and radiates hope for a positive outcome? Someone who is calm and who inspires others?

The ultimate work from home experiment

Another opportunity lies in the fact that we can now find out if working from home works for us. FINALLY, an experiment in which companies will have to partake. At Vertellis, we have been working remote from the very beginning and we’re not a 9 to 5 type of organization. We think our world’s corporate culture needs to improve. Now a big part of the US can participate in this experiment and experience first hand the benefits of receiving trust and being in charge of your own time.

Team Vertellis is also working from home

By working from home - even though it might not be voluntary - we also get the opportunity to deepen our thoughts. This is a chance we don’t get that often. The chance to think. About ourselves, the life we lead, what is truly important. To be at home, to spend time with family and/or friends. A chance to slow things down in this busy Western society. To ask yourself: what really matters?

And if you are required to work from home right now, then this is your chance (and the perfect moment) to be grateful. grateful that you CAN work from home (if you do fall into this category). 

Let's be grateful 

A chance to be grateful for having to cancel your trips and hotels to and from another country (either for a vacation or for work). Thankful for not being able to host that soccer match, or for not being able to go to the gym. 

Grateful for being one of those lucky people who experiences all sorts of “luxury problems”. Trips? Working out every week? Be GRATEFUL. Because there is a very large group of people that don’t even have this option, people who need to make ends meet with a small salary. Or who are working in health care and need to work LIKE MAD to keep our hospitals up and running. Shout-out and much love to these heroic people! And a lot of other people who are struggling. These people are currently struggling even more, which brings us back to our first point: be kind to others. Help where you can. 

Because, the biggest opportunity the Coronavirus is giving us, is the chance to get closer to one another. It is forcing us to work together. More than ever in the past few years, this situation is making sure that mankind is caring for one another and we’re reconnecting on a deeper level with each other and the world around us. 

There is hope ✨

This gives me hope for the future. Hope that on a global scale, we CAN accomplish things together. Together we are fighting to flatten the curve and slow the speed with which the virus is spreading. I believe in us. That we - when this Corona storm has passed - can also tackle other problems like the global climate crisis, together.

We should take this virus seriously. Don’t be overconfident, thinking ‘it won’t get me!’. Help those close to you. But above all, stay calm and see the opportunities ahead. 

PS: Vertellis is on a mission to bring people closer to each other and to themselves. Since 2016, our initiatives have inspired people from all over the world to build stronger connections with themselves and others. These days, it is more important than ever before to have meaningful conversations and to reflect. 


You can order our question card games and mindfulness journals online, if this is something you want to get started with. 


PPS: We recently decided to share parts of our products for free as digital downloads. This way, we hope to also inspire people who are on a tighter budget.

Check out for more information.


Thank you for reading! We hope you will support us on our mission. If you found this message inspiring, spread the word! 

Feeling inspired? Spread the word!


Bart & the rest of team Vertellis



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