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Tessa Brennan - 22/04/2021

Morning Affirmations

If you’re ready to use morning affirmations to start your day on a positive note, you’ve come to the right place! At Vertellis, we know powerful morning affirmations are one of the best things you can do to cultivate a positive mindset, boost your confidence, be grateful and set yourself up for success.

Keep reading for 45 of our favorite good morning affirmations. You’ll also get tips on how to use these powerful quotes, how to make your affirmation practice into a morning habit, and tips on how to use these powerful,  positive mantras to achieve your goals. Generally speaking, how you feel in the morning can greatly impact how you perform and communicate with others for the rest of your day. That’s why we recommend incorporating these positive morning affirmations into your AM routine on a daily basis!

45 Morning Affirmations

These morning affirmations will put you in a positive frame of mind and make you feel powerful and confident as you start your day! Pick a few that really resonate with you and begin to incorporate them into your daily routine. 

  1. Today will be a great day!
  2. I am thankful for this new day.
  3. I greet this day with gratitude and excitement. 
  4. Today I show up with courage and confidence.
  5. I will meet any challenges today with ease and grace.
  6. Today I will greet others with an open heart. 
  7. I am lucky to be alive.
  8. I honor my relationships with love and kindness. 
  9. I call in energy and focus to carry me through this day.
  10. I have everything I need to make today a great day.
  11. I am open to new and exciting opportunities.
  12. Today I choose to see the good in things.
  13. I am worthy of prosperity and abundance.
  14. Today I commit to doing one thing that brings me closer to my goals.
  15. This day is a blessing; I will use it wisely.
  16. I release all of my anxiety and any negative thoughts that no longer serve me.
  17. I am grateful for my mistakes as they are opportunities to learn. 
  18. Opportunities flow to me from every direction.
  19. Today I choose happiness over fear.
  20. I am the divine designer of my life.
  21. I am open to the amazing possibilities of this day.
  22. I awaken this day inspired and enthusiastic about life.
  23. I have everything I need to succeed. 
  24. I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way.
  25. I can do hard things.
  26. Today I live with peace, love, and happiness.
  27. I am grateful for all that I have. 
  28. I am enough, just as I am.
  29. Today I will choose calm over chaos.
  30. I look forward to the adventures that today will bring.
  31. I will end this day feeling accomplished, loved, and at peace.
  32. This day is a gift.
  33. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.
  34. Today I will look for the joy in things!
  35. I have prepared for this.
  36. I wake up with a clear mind and joyful heart. 
  37. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  38. I tend to my body with love and appreciation.
  39. I commit to living in the present moment.
  40. Today is a new day; all things are possible.
  41. I am the writer of my destiny.
  42. I am worthy of love and respect.
  43. Today I choose focus over distraction.
  44. My time is valuable and I use it wisely.
  45. I look for the good in all things. 

For even more powerful quotes to use in the AM, check out these confidence affirmations. They’ll definitely put you in a healthy mindset to start your day off right!

Morning affirmations

When to use these positive morning mantras

Good morning affirmations can be very powerful. While they can be used any time of day (seriously—they’ll have power morning, noon, or night!), it’s great to pick a time to practice your affirmations consistently. Here are some of our favorite ways to work these positive gratitude statements into our mornings. Pick one or try them all to find out what works best for you!

Use your morning affirmations right when you wake up

Do you usually wake up and the first thoughts to come into your head are “I didn’t get enough sleep” or “I’m already late!”? If so—you’re not alone—but also, let’s change that! When you start your morning off with these thoughts of scarcity, that stays with you throughout the day. Time to introduce yourself to good morning affirmations.

Our recommendation? Switch out those negative thoughts with a positive morning affirmation. As soon as your eyes open, say your chosen mantra at least 10 times. You can do this out loud or silently to yourself—the key is to really let those powerful words sink in. You’ll be amazed how much your day will improve when your initial thoughts are positive ones! 

Put them in your morning routine

What do successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Tim Ferris have in common? They all have a morning routine! Having a set of morning rituals is key to helping you feel grounded, motivated, and successful every single day. 

Crafting a powerful morning affirmation routine is personal, but many people do some form of journaling,  gratitude practice, affirmations, meditation, and exercise. Don’t have time to do all five? Double up! Say your declarations while you go on a brisk walk, turn to your affirmations to start the day with a meditation mantra, or write them in a gratitude journal like Vertellis Chapters. There’s no right or wrong here, so play around and find what works best for you!

Declare your powerful morning affirmations in the mirror

Many people swear by saying their morning affirmations in front of the mirror for 3-5 minutes every day. The key here is to make eye contact with yourself and say them confidently! While it’s ideal to set aside time to only say your powerful affirmations in the morning, you can also squeeze them in while shaving, brushing your teeth, or doing your skincare routine. 

P.S If it feels challenging or vulnerable to look yourself in the eye and say these powerful statements, take a look at our affirmations for self-love. They’ll help boost your self-esteem and increase self-worth to make this mirror work feel more comfortable. 

Powerful morning affirmations

Say them on your way to work

Nothing like pumping yourself up with some powerful morning affirmations while on your way to work! You can say them out loud in your car or say them silently to yourself on the train or bus. You could even record yourself repeating your positive mantras to start your day and listen to them as you walk or bike to the office. If you work from home, simply say your affirmations as you walk to your workstation. Again, no right or wrong—experiment and see what is most powerful for you!

Ground yourself at your desk with a morning affirmation

Once you’ve made it to work and sit down at your desk (or wherever you start your workday!), take a second to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and silently say your chosen morning affirmation. You can say it once or however many times you need to feel grounded and peaceful before you start your day. You’ll be amazed how this 30-second ritual can turn a good morning into a great day.

How to get the most from these powerful morning affirmations

Sure, it’s great to use these positive statements in situations where you need to feel more confident, grounded, or courageous, but to see real results, you need to make these powerful morning affirmations into a daily habit. Any of the ways listed above are a great place to start, but if you need a little more encouragement, here are a couple of our favorite ways to help you turn your affirmation practice into a daily routine you truly enjoy!

Get an accountability partner

You know how the best way to make sure you get to the gym is to have a workout buddy? Well, the same holds true for morning affirmations. Having an accountability partner helping with your gratitude affirmation to start your day provides two benefits: not only does it motivate you to keep up with your daily habit, but it also helps you be surrounded by people who are just as committed to cultivating a positive mindset as you are!

Your accountability buddy can be anyone—your partner, a friend, a co-worker—whoever you feel would be ready to dive into morning affirmations with you! Feel free to share this blog post with them, and if you’d like to pass along a little more inspiration, you can also share these positive affirmations for men or positive affirmations for women

Track your progress with your chosen morning affirmation

One of the biggest concerns people have when starting  morning affirmations is “How can I tell if this positive mantra is working?” Our answer? Track your progress. Now, unlike trying to lift heavier weights or reach a specific financial goal, you won’t necessarily be able to track your progress by recording numbers but you can track your progress by recording your thoughts and experiences through journaling.

Coupling AM affirmations with PM journaling

To track the progress made by using these powerful morning affirmations, you first need to decide what you want to gain by using these positive quotes. Do you want more confidence at work? To feel less anxious during the day? To approach challenging situations with a more positive mindset?

Once you know what you want to achieve, journal about your experiences at the end of each day. For example, if you want more confidence at work, write about how you felt at work that day. And if you’re someone who loves numbers, you could even rate your confidence each day on a scale from 1-10. Track your progress over 30 days and see if you notice a difference. If not, don’t throw these affirmations for the start of the day out the window entirely—you may just need to find a good one that really resonates with you!

Using morning affirmations for goal setting

Morning affirmations are often used to cultivate a healthy mindset and start your day off on a positive note, but did you know you also can use affirmations to manifest your goals and dreams? Now, the word “manifestation” can come with a lot of baggage—you might hear that word and think, “Nope! Too woo-woo for me!” But hear us out!

When you use affirmations in the morning as part of working toward your goals, you’re engaging your subconscious mind to focus on the specific thing you want. So, for example, say your goal is to be a published author. Perhaps it’s been a goal for a while now, but you just haven’t gotten around to it (we know—all of our lives are busy!). 

Enter morning affirmations. Say you create a specific personalized mantra for yourself such as “I will be a published author by the end of this summer”. You repeat this affirmation every morning using any of the methods outlined above. Now, does the act of saying your powerful declaration make you a published author? No. But it does do two things…

Morning gratitude affirmations

1. Daily affirmations help your goal stay top of mind

Like we said, maybe you’ve had this goal for a while now, but it always seems to be put on the back burner. However, if you’re consistently using a positive morning affirmation that is specific to your goal, there’s no way you can keep putting it off. Not only will you have the daily ritual of repeating your affirmation that will nag at you if you’re not making progress, but your brain will keep reminding you that this is what you want and what you’ve committed to. Believe us, you’ll find the time or money or whatever resource you need to make your goal happen.

2. You’ll notice people or resources you didn’t notice before

When you use morning affirmations for goal setting, you’re essentially reprogramming your subconscious mind to focus on the thing you want. So if your brain is always subconsciously thinking about you being a published author by the end of this summer, you’ll begin to notice people or resources in your environment that you may have overlooked before. 

Perhaps you’ll remember your cousin’s friend is a literary agent or see an ad for a class on how to self-publish. The best part—not only will you notice these people or resources, but you’ll take action. After all, if you’re practicing your morning affirmations every day, your brain won’t let you forget what you’ve committed to. 

Make these morning affirmations work for you

However you choose to use these morning affirmations, remember this is your personal journey. Use the guidelines listed above, but feel free to make this your own. We know that everyone’s mornings are different and we all have pressing obligations whether it’s work, school, or kids. So get creative to make this practice work for you and always keep in mind—there is no right or wrong way to use morning affirmations!

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