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Tessa Brennan - 17/10/2021

Monday Affirmations

Use these Monday affirmations to shake off the Monday blues and get ready for a wonderful week ahead! If you struggle to feel excited at the beginning of the workweek, these positive Monday affirmations are for you. Having a “Case of the Mondays” is so embedded in our culture, it’s no wonder we start feeling down on Sunday night. But what if you could transform your relationship with Mondays all by changing your mindset?

Affirmations for Monday will help you feel more happy and motivated by harnessing the fresh start energy that comes with a new week. What’s more, these powerful statements can help you discern when you need to change something big in your life (you’ll learn more about that below). Keep reading to learn all the ways you can use these Monday morning affirmations, how you can introduce them to your workplace, and what actions you can take to set yourself up for success for a new week. You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see when you start using these Monday affirmations!

33 Positive Monday Affirmations

How do you change your mindset and begin to love Monday? With positive Monday affirmations! You can use these motivational mantras at the beginning of a new week or whenever you need a fresh start. Pick a few that resonate with you and get ready to feel fantastic come Monday morning.

  1. I greet this day with joy and excitement.
  2. I am excited for the week ahead.
  3. Today is a fresh start. 
  4. This is a new week—anything is possible!
  5. I will do everything in my power to make this a great week.
  6. I have the power to prioritize what’s most important.
  7. This week is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  8. I commit to taking actions that set me up for a successful week.
  9. When I feel overwhelmed, I stop and breathe. 
  10. I always have the power of choice.
  11. Today is a new day; I will make the most of it!
  12. I am grateful for this beautiful life.
  13. I welcome this day with open arms.
  14. I am energized for the week ahead.
  15. I have the strength and fortitude to face any challenges this week.
  16. I don’t have to do anything, I choose to do everything. 
  17. I lovingly release stress and fear about things I cannot control.
  18. I know I can handle anything that comes my way.
  19. Today, I will take steps to support the life I’m trying to create.
  20. There is value in my work; I am making a difference.
  21. I am looking forward to the new experiences this week will offer.
  22. I approach this week with an open mind and heart.
  23. This week is a gift. I am lucky to experience it.
  24. As I move through this week, I will do my best to maintain a positive mindset.
  25. This week, I will do something that makes me happy.
  26. I have everything I need to create a wonderful week.
  27. This week I will set boundaries that support my best life.
  28. I am grateful for my job. It allows me to ____. (Support my family, be creative, travel the world, whatever!)
  29. This week, I will expand my comfort zone. It may not be comfortable but it will be worth it!
  30. I am committed to changing my Monday mindset. I will start each week with gratitude, motivation, and a renewed sense of energy.
  31. I appreciate all the goodness around me. I am lucky to be here.
  32. I am open to all the unknown opportunities this week will bring.
  33. This week, I choose happiness.

Craving more powerful Monday affirmations? Try out these abundance affirmations. These positive statements are just the ticket if you need to shake off a scarcity mindset and want to view the world as a place of limitless opportunity (and who doesn’t want that on a Monday?).

Positive monday affirmations

How to practice Monday morning affirmations

The great thing about using positive Monday affirmations is that you can practice them any way you want! It all depends on the mood you’re in, the state you want to achieve, and what feels best to you. Whether you want to pump yourself up for the workweek or bring in some calm energy for a busy day ahead, here are three ways you can use these Monday morning affirmations to get your week started on the right foot:

1. Need an energy boost? Say your positive Monday morning affirmation out loud.

If you need an energy boost on Monday morning, saying positive affirmations out loud is the way to go. Pick a Monday affirmation that really pumps you up and repeat it out loud for at least a minute. You can do this in front of a mirror or while moving around your room—however you do it, just make sure it’s high energy! 

If you want more affirmations for your Monday pep talk, throw in some of these positive morning affirmations. They’ll make you feel extra powerful and confident as you start your day!

2. Craving calm? Turn your Monday morning affirmation into a meditation mantra.

Craving a sense of calm to start your Monday? Positive affirmations can be turned into meditation mantras. To start, choose a Monday affirmation that makes you feel calm and centered. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and begin to focus on your breath. When you’re ready, introduce your mantra. Say it silently to yourself, repeating for at least 3-5 minutes. If you have the time, feel free to meditate with your positive Monday affirmation for up to 20 minutes!

A little tip: do Mondays really tend to stress you out? Don’t use a regular Monday morning affirmation, but add some affirmations for anxiety into your routine. These calming quotes for anxiety offer an alternative to fearful thoughts and can help bring you a sense of peace—even on a busy Monday morning!

3. Want to set intentions for the week? Write your Monday affirmations in a journal.

As you may have noticed, many of the powerful Monday affirmations listed above can also be used to set intentions for the week ahead. Our favorite way to set intentions is to write them out in a journal. You can use a plain notebook or if you want some additional journaling prompts and inspiration, try a guided gratitude journal like Vertellis Chapters.

Choose a Monday motivation affirmation that excites and inspires you and is something you’d like to strive for this week. For instance: “This week, I will expand my comfort zone. It may not be comfortable but it will be worth it!” Write it in your journal 10-15 times, really being present and intentional as you write your Monday affirmations.

Couple these affirmations for Monday with action

Here’s the need more than a few motivational statements to make you love Monday morning. Positive affirmations can make a world of difference in shifting your mindset about Mondays, but to see real change, you need to couple them with action! 

These affirmations for a new week will help get you inspired and grounded on Monday morning, but what action steps can you take beforehand to set yourself up for success? If you’re not sure, ask yourself—what do I need to do to feel fantastic when I wake up Monday morning? Here are some ideas:

  • On Friday, plan your next week so you know exactly what needs to get done on Monday.
  • Meal prep on Sunday so you don’t have to worry about meals for the week.
  • Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep Sunday night.
  • Pick out your clothes the night before so you know exactly what to wear in the morning.
  • Wake up early enough to get ready and get to work in a calm, stress-free manner.

Use happy Monday affirmations to create a positive work culture

We all know about Casual Friday, well why not Affirmation Monday? It’s easy for colleagues to all get a “Case of the Mondays” if that’s what’s normalized in the workplace. Why not switch it up and use happy Monday affirmations to create a more positive outlook at the beginning of the workweek? 

If you’re in a position to incorporate these motivational statements into your work culture, they can be really powerful. Try having everyone share a Monday motivation affirmation:

  • At Monday team meetings.
  • In an email chain where each team member states “My Monday affirmation is…”
  • On notecards or sticky notes that each team member keeps at their desk.

Want more positive affirmations for a new week to share with your colleagues? Check out these affirmations for success. These Monday morning affirmations will help you and your co-workers be open to opportunities, get a confidence boost, and feel more motivated—just the kind of energy everyone wants at the beginning of the week!

practice Monday Morning affirmations with Vertellis

I can’t bring affirmations to work!

Not in a place where you’re comfortable introducing Affirmation Monday at work? No problem! Put your own affirmation for a new week on a sticky note or note card and keep it at your desk where it’s visible. Some curious colleagues will be sure to ask you what it is and you can explain!

And if you’re really not comfortable bringing these motivational statements into work, try it at home. Ask your partner or kids to share affirmations on Monday before work or school. And if you don’t have a partner or kids, ask your friends to start a text thread on Monday morning! Affirmations can be even more powerful when they’re shared in a supportive community.

Additional times to use these powerful Monday affirmations

While the obvious time to practice these powerful statements is (of course) Monday morning, these positive affirmations can be beneficial any day of the week! In fact, two of our favorite times to use these Monday motivation affirmations are Sunday evening and whenever we’re craving some fresh start energy.

Keep in mind though—you can harness the power of Monday affirmations whenever you want! There’s no wrong way, place, or time to use these positive statements. It’s all about finding what works for you.

Use your affirmations for a new week on Sunday evening

If you get the “Sunday scaries”, these affirmations for a new week are a great way to ground yourself before the workweek begins. Journal with them on Sunday evening to wind down for the night or meditate with them right before bed to help you fall asleep. And if the “Sunday scaries” are really intense, try some of these sleep affirmations, too. They’ll help you relax, unwind, and set you up for a great night’s rest.

Whenever you need a fresh start!

Notice a theme in our Monday affirmations? They’re all about embracing that exciting new energy that comes at the beginning of each week. Why not take that energy and use it whenever you need a fresh start? 

You can use these Monday morning positive affirmations to feel renewed after a hard day at work or to help you recover from a challenging situation like a break-up or job loss. You can even use them whenever you just need a little extra motivation or energy. No right or wrong here!

Monday affirmations are not a cure-all

Finally, as much as we hate to say it, Monday affirmations will not make everyone instantly love the beginning of the week. Monday morning affirmations are great tools to get you inspired and motivated for the week ahead, but if you find yourself continually dreading Mondays (even after using these positive affirmations for a new week), it could be that you need to change something in your life!

Whether it’s a job that’s draining or feeling frazzled trying to get your kids off to school in the morning, use these affirmations for Monday as part of an experiment. Try them out for a period of time while making sure you’re doing some of the action items listed above, as well. If after some time you’re still feeling like Mondays are your worst enemy, it could be time to consider if something else, like your job or childcare situation, needs to change.

affirmations for the beginning of a new week

That’s what’s so amazing about these powerful Monday affirmations. Not only are they tools for inspiration and motivation, but they can help you discern if something else in your life needs to shift. So get started! Pick out your favorite happy Monday affirmations from above, make a plan to use them at the beginning of a new week, and start to see the positive shifts that occur when you practice these Monday affirmations!

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