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8 ways in which we are mindful of you and the environment

Bart Kloosterhuis

8 ways in which we are mindful of you and the environment

Packages that contain mostly air, excessive use of disposable plastics and sneaky ways to keep you glued to your screen: Vertellis wants nothing to do with any of it. Well-being, environment and sustainability are more important to us than making dough. In other words: planet over profit. We put this catchy slogan into practice every day in 8 different ways:

1. Goal-oriented and practical

A lot of products these days are packaged in boxes that are far too large and filled with air and some kind of packing material. This is not just unnecessary, but really impractical as well. We like to keep it simple. All our products are well-designed, efficiently packaged and easy to carry. 

2. Local and certified

All our products are designed in the Netherlands. They are produced in several different countries, where we cooperate with local producers as much as possible. Most of the paper we use is FSC-certified. Any wood in our products is either recycled, or from a farm in Scandinavia that we're partnered with and whom we fully trust. 

3. Choo-choo!

We use trains to transport our products as much as possible. This may take a little longer than flying it over, but it does mean that we cut down on emissions by 25%. To us, that's what matters.

4. CO2-neutral

Vertellis is well on its way to becoming a CO2-neutral company. For example, we donate to the organization Trees4All and are currently talking to multiple parties - including - to see in what other ways we can contribute to a healthier planet. 

5. Plastic ain't fantastic

Plastic waste is a major problem, which is why Vertellis uses it as little as possible. When we really can’t help using it, we use recycled plastic. Because we don't use plastic packaging, your product may have a few minor scratches when it arrives. If there is more significant damage to the packaging or the product, you can shoot us an email and we're happy to find a solution for you. This is our policy because as we said before: planet over profit. 

6. Son of a batch

We have our products made in large batches. This means that some of our products can be temporarily unavailable at times. However, the good thing about working this way is that it's a great way to keep costs and waste as low as possible. It also saves a lot of time and energy - both for us and for our products. 

7. Mindful digital

A number of our products have complementary online content. This is a way for us to use less paper, and for you to have your purchase available anywhere and anytime you want it. We always make an effort to integrate our digital content in a way that feels as natural and mindful as possible, without using gamification or other methods that can be addictive. 

8. Working from home before it was cool

We've been working from home in our jammies for years, which we like to call distributed work. When we founded Vertellis in 2015 we made a conscious decision not to use unnecessary office buildings and to limit commuting as much as possible. Good for the humans and good for nature!

These are the 8 ways in which we are mindful of you and the environment. I would like to close today’s blog with a tip. There's a good chance that you've already seen it, but if you haven't: Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough is awesome! It's on Netflix, so go and watch it.

Do you like what we do and have some ideas that could make things even better? Let me know! You can email me at

Lots of Love, 


Co-founder of Vertellis


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