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Alexa x - 10/11/2020

How To Play Vertellis Online

Let’s admit it nothing compares to sitting down together, grabbing a well-loved game, and creating great memories with friends and family. 

But, for many of us, seeing each other in person just isn’t feasible right now. 

Keeping our loved ones safe during this time is incredibly important, but does it have to come at the cost of connection? We don’t think so…

While “traditional” games like Monopoly or Uno may not be easy to play remotely (and believe us, we’ve tried 😆), Vertellis is the perfect game to play online or over the phone! 

We’ve compiled the top four questions our community has asked us in regards to playing Vertellis online. Keep reading to see how easy it is to move your Vertellis experience from the dining room table to your virtual table. We hope these tips help make your next online gathering, whether it’s a small get-together or large party, filled with deeper meaning and connection.

1.How do we play online?

First things first, pick your platform. 

Depending on your devices and group size, there are several free platforms and apps to choose from. 

Some of our favorites?

Zoom - Great for groups large or small. However, keep in mind that the free version only allows calls for up to 40 minutes. Our recommendation: ask your group beforehand if someone has a Pro account so the game can go on uninterrupted!

FaceTime - If everyone has an Apple device, this is a great option. The Group FaceTime feature allows you to chat with up to 32 people at once!

Skype - Can include up to 50 people. As long as everyone’s using Skype, it’s free.

WhatsApp - Best for small group calls (up to eight people).

Facebook Messenger - Hosts can invite up to 50 people to join a group call in a Messenger Room (they don’t even have to have a Facebook account!). Bonus? No time limits. 

Slack, Email, Text, Snail Mail - Great if everyone can’t get together ‘live’ or if you need to add a little connection to your work group!

Hot tip! To ensure everyone feels included, check in with members of your party to make sure they’re comfortable using the platform you decide on. You might even ask them to test it out beforehand (and give them a hand if they need a little help). Having technical difficulties is never a fun way to kick off the night.

How do I play vertellis online?

2. How do we ask the questions?

When playing Vertellis in person, each player draws their own question cards from the deck. If you’re playing virtually, you just need to get a little more creative...and there are lots of ways to do that!

If you’re...

Playing by phone: Draw a card and read the question out loud for the other person to answer. Easy peasy!

Playing over video: While you can use the phone technique here, there is also another option. Draw a card and (without looking) hold it in front of the camera so the other person can read it. If you’re doing a video call with multiple people, just make sure that others close their eyes so they can’t see the question either! 

Want to make it even more interactive? If your camera is moveable (such as on a phone) you can have each person ‘pick’ a card by hovering over several facedown choices and having them select one.

Texting: Start a group chat (or several) with friends, family, co-workers - whoever! Take a picture of a card and send it to the group daily or weekly. Then everyone can respond in their own time. Responses can be sent as a text, voice message, or video. This works great with e-mail, as well!

Curious about someone’s answer? Ask them about it one-on-one. After all, the whole idea is to increase connection!

Sending Snail Mail: Select one card from your deck and mail it to a loved one. We love the idea of putting it in your Holiday card! To make the exchange even more meaningful, answer the question in your letter and then ask the recipient to mail you their answer. The more honest and vulnerable you are with your answer, the more you can expect in return. 

Going All Out: Use our Holiday Gift Bundle to order three (or more) Vertellis Holiday Editions and gift one to anyone you want to play with. That way, no matter what platform you use, each person can draw from their own deck. Not only will each person get to engage in connected conversation, they’ll also get a unique and meaningful gift!

A final note: No matter how you choose to play, always remember the goal of Vertellis isn’t just to ask each other questions, it’s to start a conversation and get even more connected. Your group may only get through 2 or 3 cards and go wildly off-topic and that’s perfect. There’s no right or wrong way to play the game!

3. How do we create the best virtual experience?

You may not be able to have friends & family gathered around your dining room table or snuggled up by the fire, but there are several things you can do to make your virtual Vertellis experience even more cozy and connected. 

Our recommendations? 

Think about what playing Vertellis in person would look like. 

Would you plan to bring the game out with family after a big holiday dinner? Or invite friends over and answer questions while enjoying a seasonal cocktail? Whatever sounds fun to you, try to recreate some of that magic.

Perhaps plan to eat a meal together (virtually) and bring out Vertellis at the end. Or invite everyone to bring their beverage of choice (maybe even send out a fun cocktail recipe for inspiration!) and play the game then. 

Make the conversation your focus. 

We know, it’s easy to have the TV on in the background during a phone call or scroll on your computer while chatting on Zoom...but you and your loved ones will get the most out of Vertellis if you focus on the conversation and each other. 

So put your multitasking to the side and create some quiet time to engage with your fellow players. Think of it like inviting guests to your home. You wouldn’t be behind the computer while they were on your couch or trying to do laundry in the middle of a holiday dinner. Your virtual Vertellis party deserves the same attention!

P.S. Want to make sure everyone abides by this guideline? Create some rules! Before your virtual gathering, ask everyone to put phones on silent, turn off any distractions, and take the time to be present with the group. We promise it’ll be worth it.

Create a fun atmosphere!

Anything you can do to increase the connection of the group is a great bonus. What if everyone wears pajamas? Or an ugly Christmas sweater? Or everyone creates a festive background for the video call? The possibilities are endless!


How do we play Vertellis online?


4. Who else can I play with?

Already hosted a successful virtual gathering? Why not expand the joy of connecting? The more you make an effort to connect online or over the phone, you’ll see that it isn’t nearly as hard as it might look - in fact, it’s fun!

In the spirit of the season, why not donate some of your time and ask a local community center, retirement community, or rest home if you could help facilitate a virtual game? Vertellis also offers a FREE Community as a way to connect with others and find people to play with!

It’s hard being lonely, especially during the holidays. And it’s even more challenging when we’re unable to hug or visit those we love. But, together, we can do a lot to prevent those who are alone from feeling alone.

So lend a hand and check in on those you love. And if you want to connect with friends & family on an even deeper level, create a connected virtual gathering using Vertellis. We know the questions in the game will help bring you closer together, even if you’re miles apart.

Relationship Edition - For all couples - Vertellis
Relationship Edition - For all couples - Vertellis
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The Relationship Edition has brought thousands of couples closer together. 

This game will make you feel closer and help you connect on a deeper level with your partner. 

  • Rediscover each other and grow as a couple
  • Fun and important conversations in one box
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Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Jennifer H.
Great relationship building activity

We throughly enjoyed the togetherness that these cards engendered. Our relationship was greatly strengthened and we anticipate much fun with these cards on future couple dates. If your relationship is threatening to run aground on the shoals of life, these cards will help to pull it into safe harbors. If you already have a great relationship, these cards will likely make it even better. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Jennifer! It's very inspiring to know that you've enjoyed the togetherness that the Vertellis Relationship Edition game has created in your relationship. Here's to an even stronger bond, open communication, and wonderful new memories for you and your partner!

Marcia R. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Relationship edition!

Gave it to my sweetheart, married 20 years, we're both in our 70's for Valentines Day. Over a romantic dinner, we began...the best conversation ever!! Thank you!

Deb (Bellport, NY)
Great activity

We took the cards on vacation. Turned on soft music and chose a few cards. We ended up talking about important things that we may never had talked about. We began planning our future to target BOTH of our individual goals as a couple.

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