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Tessa Brennan - 06/10/2021

Friendship Affirmations

These friendship affirmations are just the ticket if you’re looking to make new friends, rekindle old ones, or make your current friendships even better. We all know there is power in relationships. Strong friendships are even tied to better health and well-being. But even with this knowledge, starting and maintaining friendships can feel challenging. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite affirmations for friendship to help you gain confidence in your ability to meet new people and be a great friend to others.

Get some of our best friend affirmations, along with great tips on how to create and maintain friendships. You’ll also learn how to devise a daily practice with your positive friendship affirmations and support others by sharing these affirmation quotes. Most of all—these 33 affirmations about friendships promote a positive mindset when it comes to relationships. Keep reading to get the goods and start on your path to amazing friendships!

33 Affirmations for Friendship

These positive affirmations for friendship are here to help you feel confident, supported, and worthy as you cultivate new or existing friendships. We recommend choosing a few mantras to use daily, and then have others on hand for specific situations, like before meeting a potential new pal for coffee. With these friendship affirmations, you’ll regain your confidence in no time!

  1. I am worthy of healthy, happy, and supportive friendships.
  2. I am capable of making new friends.
  3. I attract like-minded people into my life.
  4. I choose to dedicate time to my friendships.
  5. I am a loyal and supportive friend.
  6. I approach my friendships with an open heart.
  7. I have the confidence to always be myself.
  8. My circle of friends is expanding every day.
  9. I am committed to being a good friend.
  10. I am ready for amazing friendships.
  11. I release friendships that are no longer serving me.
  12. New friends come into my life at the right time.
  13. I attract the best people when I’m my full, authentic self.
  14. I’m grateful for each new friend I make.
  15. I introduce myself to others with warmth and confidence.
  16. I am open to new people coming into my life.
  17. I am not alone; many others want to make new friends.
  18. I trust my friends and can be my full self around them.
  19. Today, I will reach out to ____.
  20. I am loveable just as I am.
  21. I tell my friends how much they mean to me.
  22. I support my friends in all they do.
  23. I am thankful and appreciative of the friends in my life.
  24. I am a warm, friendly, likable person.
  25. I am a good listener to my friends.
  26. I attract people who like me for me.
  27. This day is an opportunity to make new friends.
  28. Not everyone I meet will see my magic, and that’s okay!
  29. My people are out there. 
  30. It’s never too late for me to make new friends.
  31. I have faith that friends are coming.
  32. Today, I will talk to someone new.
  33. I am a good person and my friends are lucky to have me!

Want more positive quotes to help you tap into self-worth as you begin to seek out or rekindle friendships? Add some confidence affirmations into the mix. They’ll help you build inner strength and resilience as you build your friend group at the same time!

Affirmations Friendship

Using friendship affirmations to make new friends

Making new friends (especially as an adult) can feel challenging. Many of us work full-time jobs or are in school and might also be trying to balance romantic relationships and families. And even though it may feel like everyone has their “crew” and you’re destined to be friendless forever...that’s not true! That’s also where friendship affirmations come in.

These positive quotes for friendship are really about changing your mindset and opening yourself up to meeting new people. With practice, they’ll help you build the confidence that you are enough just as you are and that you’re worthy of amazing friendships.

But even if you’re practicing affirmations for friendship on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean new friends will magically fall into your lap. You need to take action! Here are a few tips you can use to combine your friendship mantras with meeting potential new pals:

1. Put yourself in situations where you can meet new people

That’s right, to make new friends you need to meet new people! While your positive friendship affirmations can be done alone at your house, you also need to venture out and put yourself in situations where you can have a conversation with someone new.

This can be anywhere people congregate, like your local coffee shop, but a lot of people have success connecting with others over a shared interest. So, for example, if you like photography, get into a photography class; if you enjoy sports, join a rec league. You could also volunteer or join a faith community—the sky’s the limit!

Not able to join a group or just want to take action right now? Don’t discount friend-finding apps like Bumble BFF or (for women) Hey! VINA. You can also join and sign up for events happening near you. In this day and age, there is no shortage of ways for you to connect with others.

2. Practice your affirmations for friendship before a social situation

If you’re nervous at the prospect of joining a class or meeting up with a new potential pal for coffee, that’s normal. It’s vulnerable to connect with someone and see if a friendship is possible! But instead of letting your nerves stop you from going to that class or coffee shop, just accept the nerves are there and use your affirmations for friendship to ground you before you walk into the social situation.

This can be done before you leave the house, in your car, or on the train. You can say your positive friendship declarations out loud, write them in a journal, or repeat them silently to yourself. Try different ways and see which ones make you feel most calm and confident.

Also, if you struggle with social anxiety, check out this post on affirmations for anxiety. You’ll find specific affirmations to help you feel more confident and comfortable the next time you walk into a social situation.

3. Reflect on your experience afterward

If you’re seeking new friendships, one of the most powerful things you can do after meeting someone new is reflect on your experience. Why? When you reflect on your experience, you’ll gain more clarity on why you may have been drawn to one person or group over another. Ask yourself what you liked about the person or perhaps what didn’t jive with you so much—that’s all important information for future friendships!

While this doesn’t need to be fancy or time-consuming, we do recommend writing down your thoughts. You can do this in a plain notebook or, if you’d like a little more structure, try a guided mindfulness journal like Vertellis Chapters. Finally, get ready to follow up your reflection with a few more affirmations about friendship!

4. Repeat your affirmation quotes for friends

The final step of this process is to pat yourself on the back and seal the deal with some affirmation quotes for friends. These can be the same ones you used in step two or completely different. Whatever declarations you use, be sure to choose ones that make you feel self-assured, hopeful, and worthy.

Why is this final step so important? Well...we have to say may not connect on a deep level with everyone you meet. That is not because there’s anything wrong with you or that you didn’t say your friendship mantras enough, it’s just because making new friends is kind of like dating. Not everyone is going to be the right fit!

Consequently, whether you met someone you’re really excited about or the connection felt flat, finishing this process with some positive friendship affirmations helps remind you that you are worthy and capable of having beautiful friendships in your life. And cultivating that mindset is truly the most important part of this journey!

Strengthen relationships using positive friendship affirmations

While positive affirmations for friends can get you in the right mindset to meet and form connections with new people, they’re also great for strengthening your existing friendships. Why? Because like all relationships, maintaining strong friendships takes time and commitment. And it’s easy to get so “busy” with life that friendships start to drift apart—especially if you’re not in the same location or going through a major life change.

When you consistently practice affirmations about friendship, you’re constantly keeping your friendships top of mind and committing to doing the work to maintain those relationships. So how can you incorporate these quotes into your life on a regular basis? Simple. Create a daily practice!

Creating a daily practice with your affirmations for friendship

Practicing your affirmations for friendship on a daily basis is easier than you think. It’s all about making them part of your routine! You can practice these positive quotes any way you’d like:

  • Say them out loud in front of a mirror.
  • Write them in your journal.
  • Turn them into a meditation mantra.
  • Write them out and read them to yourself.

Pick one or try them all to find what works for you. The key here is consistency. If you have a morning or evening routine, make room to do a round of positive affirmations for friends. If you want to practice them on your lunch break, that’s great; just make sure you keep that commitment to yourself.

Now, of course, regular use of friendship mantras is only half of the equation. You need to follow up these words with action!

Affirmations for Friendship

Taking action on your affirmation quotes

Whether it’s a new friend or your best friend, affirmations followed by action are a wonderful way to maintain, strengthen, and even repair your relationships. What this really means is doing things that are in line with the friendship affirmation that you’re using.

For example: if you’re practicing the mantra “I choose to dedicate time to my friendships”, what are you doing to dedicate time to your friendships? This could be anything from having a weekly phone date to carving out time in your schedule to go see a friend’s art show. No right or wrong here; just be sure you’re practicing what you preach!

And speaking of maintaining relationships, all of these tools work for romantic relationships, too. If you’re sold on positive declarations and want to try them in your romantic life as well, try these affirmations for relationships. Whether you’re partnered up or are single and looking for your forever person, these quotes are sure to bring positive change.

Share daily affirmations for friends

Shouldn’t everyone have a cheerleader in their corner? You know, a person who has their back when times feel tough and helps support them in their goals and dreams? Well, guess can do this for friends with daily affirmations!

A super simple way to support your crew is by sharing short positive affirmations for friends with them. You can do this as part of a group text, by leaving notes on people’s desks, or in some other fun, creative way. We personally love sending these positive statements out in the morning so friends get a boost of love and support at the beginning of their day. Some of our favorite good morning affirmations for friends include:

  • I am so lucky to have you as a friend.
  • You’re doing great!
  • You are beautiful and worthy and will slay this day!
  • No matter what happens today, I am rooting for you!

If you want more daily affirmations to share with friends, check out these affirmations for self-love. These powerful mantras will boost morale by promoting healthy self-esteem and a renewed sense of joy and gratitude.

Using friendship affirmations for personal growth

Like we said earlier, these affirmations about friendship will help you create and maintain wonderful relationships with others, but it is truly because you believe you are worthy of them! If you find yourself going through these positive affirmations for friends and having trouble believing they are true, that’s okay. Give it time. Use these powerful friendship mantras as personal growth for you.

affirmations about friendship

It may take some trial and error to find the best friend affirmations and routine for you, but have patience. And while you’re getting into your groove, start sharing a positive affirmation for a friend with others! Being of service is a sure way to make you feel like a good friend. Plus, your friends can grow in confidence right alongside you. We can’t wait to see the positive growth that comes from these friendship affirmations!

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