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15 deep questions for the most beautiful conversations

What deep questions can you ask to create a really good conversation? It seems increasingly difficult to truly connect these days, even though we're all more "connected" than ever with phones and social media at our fingertips 24/7.

Do you want to create a deeper connection during your date or build a closer relationship with friends or family? Are you looking for questions that will lead to in-depth conversations? Then use these 15 meaningful questions! You'll have the most beautiful and memorable conversations in no time!

All the deep questions you need to ask

Here are 15 deep questions you can ask to create the most beautiful conversations:

  1. What would you do this month if you didn’t have anyone around to take care of or take into account?
  2. Suppose you have six months without the usual obligations (such as work, family responsibilities, and social activities). How would you spend this time?
  3. What have you not yet achieved this year? What would you like to achieve?
  4. What three things give you the most energy?
  5. What keeps you awake at night?
  6. What are your two best qualities?
  7. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
  8. What do you consider the best decision of your life?
  9. Who or what surprised you the most over the last year?
  10. Who or what inspires you?
  11. What is your biggest wish for the coming year?
  12. What are you most thankful for?
  13. In which area(s) do you want to grow?
  14. When you look back next year at the photos you’ve taken, what do you want to see?
  15. How will you indulge yourself in the coming year?
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The usefulness of deep questions

Perhaps you’ve already decided that you want to use these deep questions to develop a better relationship with your partner, friends, or family. If so - great! We truly hope you realize what an incredibly good idea this is. After all, a good relationship is becoming increasingly rare these days!

Research in the United States shows that 3 out of 5 people are lonely. And the most lonely people? Young people between the ages of 18 and 22. Why is that?

Gen Z, who are in contact with their peers all day long on their phones, have more than enough friends but are missing real connections. Fortunately, the solution (for everyone - not just young people) is not that complicated. Simply ask your friends and loved ones in-depth questions and build a deeper connection!

Looking for deep questions about love?

If you're looking to have more meaningful conversations with your partner, you don't just blurt out a deep question. For instance, if you're having a casual lunch together, and as soon as you sit down you ask “So, what is your biggest fear anyway?”... it may not go the way you planned.

A deep conversation is not a cross-examination or a survey. So how do you introduce it? Take your time and make it fun.

For example, do a quiz game with deep questions about love to get to know each other better. Then you’ll not only have an in-depth conversation, but also an incredibly fun lunch date.


deep questions about love

Not all deep questions are the right ones

You can come up with many profound questions about life or love. But not every question helps you have a good conversation. The risk is that you ask a question that is too personal or too ambiguous.

For instance: the meaning of life or someone's point of view on the climate crisis? Sure, you can talk about that, but these are more likely to be issues you come up with during your conversation, not what you start with.

With the right questions, you make sure that the other person will want to answer and can enter into a deep conversation without forcing it.

At Vertellis, asking the right in-depth questions is “our thing.” We want to bring people closer together, and we aim to do that with our question card games. We know that only through in-depth conversations do you really get to know each other and make a true connection!

Want to go even deeper? Make it personal!

This list of deep questions is a good start for bonding with your partner or your friends and family. You can do the same with these questions for your girlfriend or for your boyfriend.

Would you like to take it a step further? Make it more personal with these questions about yourself! You can answer these on your own or with a loved one - so you can get to know the other person better while also developing a deeper connection to yourself.

Want to make your bonds even stronger? You can - that is the power of deep questions!

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