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Tessa Brennan - 08/02/2021

31 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love

Looking for powerful affirmations for self love to boost your confidence on a daily basis? You’re in the right place. 😉  At Vertellis, we believe the things you tell yourself matter. Negative thoughts about yourself can hold you back from realizing your full potential and dampen your ability to have a meaningful and beautiful life.

Daily positive affirmations for self-love help to change the chemistry of your brain (really!) and transform your negative beliefs into positive ones. This increases your self-esteem, boosts your confidence, and helps you move through the world with an increased sense of self-worth.

Use this newfound or renewed self-love to power your affirmations, dig deeper into your goals, live with more joy, and attract lots of beautiful, healthy relationships. We’ve shared 31 self loving affirmation quotes below. Pick a few that really resonate with you and watch your life begin to transform before your eyes!

Affirmations for Self Love

Daily Affirmations for Self Love

  1. My body is beautiful just as it is.
  2. I am worthy of love and belonging.
  3. I am whole.
  4. I am strong and resilient. 
  5. I overcome challenges with ease and grace.
  6. I appreciate my body and all it does for me each day.
  7. I am kind and compassionate to those around me.
  8. Love is my true nature.
  9. My life is just beginning.
  10. I am growing each and every day.
  11. I love the person I am becoming. 
  12. I am worthy of my goals and dreams.
  13. I believe in my ability to succeed.
  14. My life is filled with joy and abundance.
  15. I wake up each day rejuvenated and full of hope.
  16. This beautiful journey was meant for me.
  17. I am worthy of infinite love and compassion.
  18. I radiate joy with my every move.
  19. I am exactly where I need to be right now. 
  20. I am powerful, radiant, and can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  21. I am enough.
  22. I am worthy of beautiful relationships.
  23. My unique and loving presence is a gift to others.
  24. I take up space with confidence and joy.
  25. My inner wisdom is all-knowing.
  26. My mind is clear and my heart is full.
  27. I am energized and ready to live life to the fullest.
  28. Every decision I make is rooted in self-respect.
  29. I protect my heart and my time with compassionate and loving boundaries.
  30. I am destined for great things.
  31. I believe in radical self-love.
Daily Affirmations for Self Love

How to use these affirmations to love yourself

While there are no ‘hard-and-fast’ rules as to how to use these positive affirmations for self love, there are guidelines that many experts recommend. 

Try one or all of these to find what’s most powerful for you! You can also alternate between different techniques each day or use them all at different times during the day. Like we said, this is about finding what type of self-loving is most effective for you. 

1: Say them out loud

If you’re going to say your self-love affirmations out loud, ideally, do it in front of a mirror. This way, you can look yourself in the eye and say these powerful words to YOU. Having that eye contact might feel vulnerable at first, but stick with it. 

Most people recommend saying your affirmations for self love out loud for at least 3 - 5 minutes, but it’s okay to work up to that. Start for 30 seconds. Or perhaps even just once. 

Depending on how deep-seated your negative beliefs are (and no judgment here - we’re all in a different place with this), you may need to start slowly to get comfortable with these self-loving attestations coming out of your mouth. Be gentle with yourself! Remember, this is a journey.

2: Write your affirmations out on paper

Another way to utilize affirmations to love yourself is by writing them out in a journal. At Vertellis, we know there is amazing power in writing out your thoughts, goals, and dreams. Something about putting pen to paper (versus typing on a phone or computer) helps you focus and retain information better. It also boosts creativity!

Consequently, we’re big fans of writing out these positive affirmations. Just like saying them out loud, aim for writing your self-loving proclamations for at least 3 - 5 minutes.

If you want to make this practice even more powerful, try writing them in a guided mindfulness journal like Vertellis Chapters. This way you can document and track the changes happening over time in regards to your mindset, self-love, and confidence.

3: Silently say these positive quotes to yourself

While writing out your affirmations or saying them out loud are wonderful and effective ways to boost self-love, sometimes you’re in a place where that’s not possible (or at the very least, might get you a few strange looks).

If you’re about to go into a job interview, need to have a difficult conversation or any other situation that might trigger negative thoughts, close your eyes and silently say one of your self loving affirmations to yourself. This gives your brain a reminder of “I am worthy, I am strong, I am capable of this task.”

We’ve found this option is a great ‘booster’ alongside saying your affirmations out loud or writing them out. The more your brain is already accustomed to this positive self-love declaration, the more effective this will be!

4: Meditate with these affirmations to love yourself

Meditation has so many positive benefits for the body and mind - why not make it even more powerful by adding your own self love affirmation quotes?

While different from traditional mantras used in transcendental meditation, pairing declarations of self love with meditation allows you to retain focus and helps keep you in a positive state of mind for the entirety of your day. 

Try it out - sit in a comfortable, upright position, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Then, silently repeat your affirmation to yourself. If your attention wanders, simply bring your attention back to the self-loving thought. 

Most meditation instructors recommend meditating for 20 minutes twice a day, but we believe there is real power in this no matter how long you meditate each day - even if it’s just for 5 minutes!

What’s the best time of day to use affirmations for self-love?

While some passionate affirmationists recommend working with your positive thoughts three times a day (morning, mid-day, and evening), we know that may not be possible for everyone. Now if you can or want to do this - by all means, do it!

However, even if you start with using your affirmations once a day, this will create tremendous gains in your confidence and self-esteem.

We will say, if you’re going to start with one time a day, there is great power in using your affirmations to love yourself in either the morning or the evening. Why? 

Using them in the mornings starts your day off on a positive note, while using your affirmations for self love in the evening allows your brain to process and integrate them while you sleep.


How to create your own self-loving affirmations

Want to make your affirmations or quotes for self love even more personal and powerful? Be sure to create your own!

The quotes that we’ve shared are a wonderful place to start. And if you find yourself fully inspired by any of the affirmations listed above, by all means, use them! However, you are also fully capable of creating your own powerful self love proclamations. (See what we did there?)

How can you create your own positive affirmations? Follow these steps:

1. Identify a negative belief or thought

We all have insecurities. Maybe it’s something you were told when you were younger that’s stuck with you (e.g. “You’re not smart enough”), a physical trait you don’t like (e.g. “I hate my skinny arms), or a belief you hold based on previous experiences (e.g. “I’m unsuccessful”). Regardless of where it came from, these limiting beliefs have the potential to impact your life in a negative and long-lasting way.

But don’t despair! The first step in creating self-love affirmations and changing a negative belief into a positive one is acknowledging that the negative belief exists.

P.S. If you need a little help identifying your negative beliefs, answer these questions about yourself. Be mindful of any negative thoughts that come up in the process - these are thoughts that can be shifted with self love affirmation quotes!

2. Write it down

Put it on paper. If this feels challenging or painful, just know you’re not alone. Writing out something we’re ashamed of or fearful about gets it out of our minds and into a ‘neutral space’ where we can work to shift it into a positive state of mind.

3. Write the opposite of your negative thought

Once you have the negative belief on paper, write down the opposite of that thought using powerful, positive language.

For instance, if we’re working with the thought “I’m unsuccessful ”, the positive opposite of that thought is “I’m successful.” Notice the positive language here - we didn’t say “I’m not unsuccessful.” Always aim to frame your new self-love affirmation in the realm of the positive.

Now, “I’m successful” is a nice thought - but is the language powerful enough? And what if you haven’t seen the success you want to see in your life yet - will your mind accept the thought “I’m successful” right off the bat?

This is where step 4 comes in…

4. Make your self love affirmation quotes believable

By making your self loving affirmation quotes believable, your brain will get on board with this new positive thought instead of rejecting it because it doesn’t seem at all plausible. 

So, with our previous example of creating one for “I’m unsuccessful”, instead of instantly switching to “I’m successful”, what are some equally powerful statements that your brain can believe right now?

How about:

“I am worthy of success.”

“I am working towards my goals each day.”

“I am capable of great success in my life.”

“I believe in my ability to succeed.”

Why are these different? Because even if you haven’t been “successful” in your eyes thus far (which is why “I’m successful” wouldn’t be believable to your brain), you ARE worthy of success, capable of achieving success, and can be working towards your goals each day.

Self Love Affirmation Quotes

5. Test out your new affirmations for self-love

Once you’ve created your personal affirmations, test them out! Write them down in a diary or journal (so you don’t forget them) and test them out for a week.

Do they continue to resonate with you? Do they light you up inside? Do they create a positive boost in your day? If so, keep going! If not, no worries. This is trial and error. Simply head back to the drawing board and create a new affirmation to love yourself. Try it out for your next week. Remember, this is a journey!

Making your positive thoughts about yourself a habit

It’s important to acknowledge that truly transforming a negative belief into a positive one can take time. That’s why it’s so important to make using your self-love affirmations into a habit.

Commit to doing your positive thinking every day for 30 days. Mark the days off in a calendar, a habit tracking notebook, your journal...wherever you can see your progress.

Our recommendation? Track your progress in a journal and take time every day (either right after your affirmations or before bedtime) to reflect on any positive mindset changes or life successes you’re noticing. You could even couple your self love challenge with our 30-day journaling challenge!

Positive affirmations for self love

Partner up to say affirmations for self love

You know how they say the best way to stick to an exercise routine is to get a workout buddy? Well, the same holds true for self love affirmations.

Share this blog with a friend to get them on board or perhaps start a self love affirmations trend at work. 

However you decide to move forward with these positive thoughts, remember that this is your journey. Try out different techniques, different quotes, different tracking methods and discover how to use affirmations for self love in whatever way works best for YOU!

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