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Vanessa Rappa - 02/12/2019

Goodbye, 2019! 3 creative rituals to start the new year

The new year is upon us! During this time, we have the opportunity to reflect on the past year, become aware of our findings, and then start the new year with full power! One of the best ways to set goals for 2020? Play the Vertellis Holiday Edition with friends, family, co-workers: share your goals and dreams for the new year and pledge to support each other in the process!

Bart, one of the Vertellis founders, already wrote a blog post about how to ACTUALLY achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2020. In this blog post, we want to continue to support your willpower with a dose of creativity!

The rituals we share with you today can be performed solo, but some find them even MORE powerful with a group. It up to you though! (We’re all about alone time, too.)

So decide for yourself if you’d like to have a solo creative recharge session, or perhaps create a new New Year’s Eve tradition for you and your friends. No matter what you decide: we know you’ll have a lot of fun!

3 creative rituals to start the new year

  1.   Make a Vision Board
  2.   Create a time capsule
  3.   Capture your past year in a picture
  4.   BONUS TIP: Vertellis Holiday Edition 

1) Make your own personal vision board 

If you've read Bart's blog, you've probably gained a lot of clarity about your goals for next year. Now - where are you storing these goals? Are they in an app on your phone? In a neatly written list in your journal? Scribbled on a scrap of paper?

Now while this is a great place to start, the problem with only having your goals in list-form is this: it could get lost, buried, smudged, deleted...PLUS, out of sight, out of mind.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had your goals and wishes in mind all year long? To wake up in the morning and remind yourself of the "why" behind your dreams? That’s what creating a vision board will allow you to do! 

After you know your goals, wishes, and dreams for the coming year, organize them visually on a poster that you hang in your bedroom (or somewhere else where you can take a look at them every day). 

You can use old magazines, photos, or quotes. Let your creativity flow! Everything is allowed that inspires you and reminds you of what you’re striving for. 

 2) Create a time capsule

Write a letter to your future self. Make a note of everything you desire and what you’ve set out to do in the next year, as well as what you’ve learned from the last year. Write the letter directly to yourself and make it as personal as possible.

If you want, you can also get a small box and put in items that will remind you of your past year or that you associate with the coming year. 

Next year, if you’re doing this in a group, it’s a lot of fun to open the time capsules one after the other and maybe even read each other your letters (if you’re comfortable with that!). But even alone, this is an emotional and beautiful way to connect with your deepest dreams and desires. It's like a gift you make yourself that you can open a year later. 

3) Capture your past year in a picture

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Right! Use watercolors, felt-tip pens, or sketch a picture with a pencil - whatever activates your creativity. 

One option is to paint a picture that reflects your past year: your insights, your most beautiful experiences, the people you have newly met - your imagination knows no bounds! Another option is to create a picture that symbolizes your wishes and goals for the coming year. 

Visualize the next year in pictures, colors, and symbols. Similar to the vision board, you can hang this picture anywhere so you’ll always be reminded of what you really want to achieve.

Bonus Tip: For more meaningful conversations on New Year's Eve

What makes for a truly memorable New Year's Eve is our very special Holiday Edition card game. This game asks questions to help you reflect on the past and create goals for the future - giving everyone the opportunity to share their most beautiful moments of 2019 and speak their dreams for 2020! 

If you’re worried this game won’t be a hit with your friends or family, or that your loved ones are not as communicative as you are...we understand that! Start slowly. You could just put individual cards from the game on different tables throughout the space and allow conversations to spring up naturally between people. If your guests are enjoying the cards, ask them to come together and play as a group.

We also created a blog post called “How to Get People Talking with Vertellis”. Here, we include 7 tips to encourage your loved ones to open up with the Holiday Edition!

Now we’re curious!

Are these rituals something you plan to do by yourself or are you already thinking about doing them with a group? Do you already have a ritual that helps you reflect and prepare for the new year? Drop a comment below and let us know!

The entire Vertellis team wishes you a Happy New Year and only the best in 2020.

Thank you for being part of our mission! 💖

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Great activity

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