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Our mission

With our initiatives, we want to bring people closer together, stimulate time offline and help them realize their dreams.

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Meet Team Vertellis


Entrepreneur through and through, with a passion for personal growth and travel. Also founder of the Coworkparadise.


Coach on subjects of psychology and top performance. Also known for his work at The Dutch Rebel.


Used to work for the banking industry, but is currently more interested in the minimalist lifestyle. She writes about this on Minimaliz.


A former Tennis player, now figuring out fatherhood while bringing Vertellis to the USA

”It all started with some handwritten cards.”

On a cold and dreary December afternoon, we came up with the idea to make a homemade Christmas gift. It had to be something that would be remembered and what would make the annual Christmas dinner even more special.

It became a hokey handwritten card game with questions such as ”who would you like to thank?”and ”what is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned?”

After our first crowdfunding campaign, we were sold-out in no time! This success made us think, and shaped our vision.

Our vision is to share Vertellis in order to give the opportunity of experiencing great moments with family and friendsto even more people outside of the Netherlands.